emergency 'blast' session confirmation

that's your session booked!


First up. Have you put our date/time in your diary yet? If not, please do so now. If you're anything like me you'll get distracted and, before you can say "angel dust" you'll have completely forgotten the date/time you chose. Don't be me... head on over to your diary now and write your session in. Then come back to read the rest of the important information on this page.

You shall receive an appointment reminder by email 2 hours prior to your emergency 'blast' session. And a second and final reminder 15 minutes before. The reminders shall be sent to the email address you provided in the booking and both reminders shall contain the link to our call. Simply copy and paste that link into your web browser to join. If you wish to use your phone, you may need to download the Zoom app (it's free!) prior to our call together. For more information, please check out the Zoom website here.

An emergency 'blast' session is a short 30-minute session designed to help you move past, thanks to guidance from the angels and your spirit team, an unexpected obstacle that has suddenly appeared in your path. It is also designed to settle your mind and remove any negativity or panic that may have arisen as a result of this surprise obstacle.

In preparation for your session, I would invite you to jot down some notes around the situation that has just arisen and is causing a stumbling block for you; what's happened, how you feel, what were/are your initial thoughts and feelings... We can then work through the situation, together, and decide how best to make use of the time we have in your emergency 'blast' session.

Additionally, I would invite you to think of up to 3 open-ended questions on which you would like guidance and support, in relation to this situation. When I say 'open-ended' I mean questions that don't require a yes/no answer. "How" and "What" questions tend to work best. For example, you can ask questions like:

  • "What advice do the angels have for me with regards...?"
  • "What is important for me to know about...?"
  • "How can I best prepare for...?"

I understand that you may be feeling a bit foggy or side-tracked by the sudden presence of this obstacle and may not be in the best headspace to create all these questions. So, if you're struggling to come up with some open-ended questions, please don't panic. We can work on them together during your session.

As your call is an allocated 30 minute timeslot and I want you to get the best possible guidance and support, please ensure you show up on time. But please don't be too keen and show up too early as I may be on a call with another client (that would be awkward!)

I appreciate that life happens and sometimes calls need to be re-scheduled or cancelled. I would therefore invite you to read my Cancellation Policy now so you are not met with any surprises.

If at any stage or at any time you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Viv xx