Special monthly angel card reading ~ january

Hello lovely soul!

And welcome to this very special page. Here you shall find a special angel card reading which is available for the current month only, meaning that once this month comes to an end the reading shall no longer be available and will be replaced by a new reading for the new month.

So if this month's reading appeals to you, if it touches an area in your life that you would benefit from guidance, if it is a topic that resonates with you, then click the button at the bottom of this page, today, and book yourself a slot directly in my calendar.

january is all about the year ahead...

.. where should you focus your energy?

Lets' face it, 2020 crept up on many of us and knocked us flat on our backs. It left us feeling helpless and vulnerable, feeling frustrated and angry, feeling lost and overwhelmed.

2021 is the year of taking inspired action and introducing positive change into your life if, that is, you want to have a better year than last year, if you want to thrive and not just survive in our new world, if you're ready for your life to begin to flow rather than feeling stuck and stagnant.

But where should you start? What should you focus on? How can you kick ass this year? This month's special reading will give you the support you need, will bring you comfort in the knowledge that you truly are supported and guided, will give you the courage and strength to step forward, and will help you create flow and joy in your life.

This month I'm inviting you to enjoy a 5-card reading, wherein each card will give you guidance from 5 different energy sources: your higher self, the angelic realm, Mother Earth, master guides and past life guardians, and your ancestors.

The reading is a live and interactive 1-1 reading, the date and time of which is chosen by you when you book directly through my calendar (kindly make yourself familiar with my cancellation policy, here). Please note that readings shall only be available throughout the month of January.

Your card reading, focusing on the year ahead, shall last approximately 30 minutes and attracts an investment of £44.44

The angel number 4444 relate to persistence - you've got this lovely soul. With all the love and the energy around you, supporting and guiding you, you can make 2021 a year to look back on with pride. The energies around you are reminding you that they are close, that they are here to support you, you are not alone.

The angel number 4444 is an amplification of the number 4, a practical, hard-working number that signifies the need to get things done on the physical plane of existence. It reminds us that this coming year is all about inspired action and introducing positive change into your life. Your guides can support you in this.

If you want to look back on this year and celebrate how you thrived, not simply survived, then click the button below to book your slot.

I look forward to passing on the messages your angels and spirit guides are wishing to share with you.

* I work closely with the high vibrational energies of the angelic and spiritual realms, energies for which I have great respect and reverence. If you feel you may be distracted by young children or pets and cannot be 100% present and focused during your reading, please choose to receive your reading as a recorded reading by clicking here.