Special monthly angel card reading ~ march

Hello lovely soul!

And welcome to this very special page. Here you shall find a special angel card reading which is available for the current month only, meaning that once this month comes to an end the reading shall no longer be available and will be replaced by a new reading for the new month.

So if this month's reading appeals to you, if it touches an area in your life that you would benefit from guidance, if it is a topic that resonates with you, then click the button at the bottom of this page, today, and book yourself a slot directly in my calendar.

march is all about money...

It would be remiss of me, being a lass from the island of Ireland, to not invite you for angel guidance around money, this month. After all, it's during this month that the Irish come together to celebrate the eviction of snakes from our island thanks to St Patrick, drink shamrock-topped green-coloured Guinness, and, most importantly, honour those mischievous little green men, affectionately known as leprechauns, who hide their precious pots of gold at the end of every rainbow.

This month, together, we shall uncover what your strengths are in relation to money, what's blocking you from receiving money, what your challenges are, and what you can do to improve your relationship with money.

The support and guidance that you shall receive from the angels and your spirit team will highlight what may have been evading you, just below the surface. Your angel card reading shall help you understand what blocks, lying closer to the surface, may be hindering you from attracing money. And your spiritual team will help you take action to help improve your relationship with money so you can begin to attract (more of) it into your life.

This card reading is a 4-card spread, with each card focusing on different guidance, advice or area... all in relation to money and your relationship with it.

The reading is a live and interactive 1-1 reading, the date and time of which is chosen by you when you book directly through my calendar (kindly make yourself familiar with my cancellation policy, here). Please note that readings shall only be available throughout the month of March.

Your money-focused angel card reading shall last approximately 30 minutes and attracts an investment of £44.44

The angel number 4444, in relation to money, signifies hard work. It doesn't mean that attracting money needs to be hard work, though many of us do create that very illusion in our lives. What it means is that all your hard work will soon begin to pay off and you should shortly be rewarded for all your efforts. However, take heed, don't give up now in the expectation that your reward is already on its way to you. Until it arrives, you're being asked to keep up the 'good work', keep up your efforts. And when the money, prosperity and abundance begins to flow in, you can confess that the hard work was worth the effort.

If money seems to be a stranger in your life, if you're stuck in a feast and famine cycle, if your relationship with money is more a battle than it is a celebration, then click the button below to book your slot and begin to reveal your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I look forward to passing on the messages your angels and spirit guides are wishing to share with you.

* I work closely with the high vibrational energies of the angelic and spiritual realms, energies for which I have great respect and reverence. If you feel you may be distracted by young children or pets and cannot be 100% present and focused during your reading, please choose to receive your reading as a recorded reading by clicking here.