start monday with gratitude

thank you, lovely soul...

... for your investment; an investment in your brighter, more positive future.

As promised, you now have access to steps 2 & 3.

Step 2 - Facebook group

As expected when an experience is run for the very first time, not everyone is open to change, not everyone is ready to embrace something new. And for that, I commend you for taking that magical step.

This means that we are a small, intimate group. Which, honestly, I love.

Because it means I can be there for each and every one of you on a more intimate level, should you need me.

And it also means that, by the end of this next year together, more likely than not, you'll create friendships which shall last beyond these next 12 months... and that makes me excited for you - to know that when this experience ends, you do not continue to journey alone.

So I do encourage you to join the Facebook group and get to know each other.

To join the Facebook group simply click this link. I look forward to welcoming you.

Step 3 - Your first exercise

I know the festive season is practically upon us and you're probably up to your eyes in wrapping paper and food preparations. However, I have a task I invite you to do before we begin on Jan 1st, 2022.

Information about this super important task can be found in the video below.

Will you share a photo of your journal in our Facebook group?