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Every week you'll receive an email from me, usually Monday because I like to start the week on a positive note. Inside you'll receive your free group angel card reading (that's what you signed up for, right?). I'll also share posts and articles that I've written that I feel will be of interest and help on the 3 loves: self-love, love of angels, and love of animals. And, of course, there'll always be a little bit of me there too: maybe a personal experience as I travel my own self-love journey, maybe a lesson I've learned along the way, maybe why/how I've tumbled off the self-love bandwagon more times than I care to count... and more.

I warmly invite you to interact and connect with me by hitting reply to any emails that touch you or resonate with you in anyway. I simply love receiving emails from you because it gives me a chance to get to know you and to get a feel for what messages, experiences and stories resonate most with you so I can create emails that you look forward to reading every week; emails that set you up for the week.

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3 Simple Steps to Self-Care

Love is everything: love of self (aka self-love), love of the angels, love of the animals (and planet we live on). But here's the thing... If you don't love yourself, first and foremost, you simply won't have the capacity to truly love those around you, be they angels, your spirit guides, animals or the planet. Because you need to fill your own cup up first. That's the key. That's the secret.

When it comes to the angels, once you fill up your own cup, then you'll be open to giving and receiving love from the angels, your heart will be open to the abundances they so want you to enjoy in life, your ears open to truly hear their messages, and your mind open to understand and interpret the guidance they are sending you.

One of the steps to self-love is self-care. Simply put, it's about looking after yourself first and foremost. Because if you don't look after yourself first you're running on empty and simply don't and won't have the capacity to look after anyone else's needs.

So to help you on your way, to encourage you to take the first step in self-care and self-love, I've created a free downloadable document "3 Simple Steps to Self-Care" which is all yours when you hit the button below.

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free personal angel card reading

Every month, one lovely soul (or maybe even a couple) shall receive a free 30-minute angel card reading. And the next lovely soul could be you.

At the end of each month I send out an email inviting everyone to put their name in the hat. So if you're currently standing at a crossroads not sure what direction to take, or there are challenges in any area of your life that you could do with a little guidance on, or if you just want some advice from the angels... by replying to my invite, your name will go into the hat for a chance to win that month's free personal angel card reading.

A name shall then be drawn at random (aka the Universe will draw the name of the soul who needs the reading the most) and they are then invited to book their reading with yours truly.

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There's a 1 in XXX chance of you winning a free reading and if you really could do with some angelic guidance now... well it could take a while for your name to come around.

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Your personal angel card reading

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I know you asked to receive my weekly emails because you're interested in my free general weekly angel card reading. And as special as my weekly angel card readings are, they are what it says on the tin: general. Because it's impossible to take something created for everyone, something 'general', and turn it into something very personal.

And I also appreciate that you may have never received a personal angel card reading before (one from me anyway) and might be feeling a bit apprehensive about a whole deep dive into your personal life.

So, I've decided to create something truly special for you, right now. If you're the teeniest, tiniest bit curious what this could be, then don't close this page (because once you're gone, this offer disappears with you). Instead, click the button below to find out more...