step 3 - spiritual guidance packages

Hello, hello lovely soul!

A single 1-1 spiritual guidance session will bring you the advice and guidance you need to step forward and improve your current situation, in the current moment. However, I find that it's just neither possible nor practical to clear all past experiences that still affect and impact you today nor, indeed, clear future experiences that are still to impact you, through a single session.

Nor is it possible to know just how deep something may resonate - a single session may help, but it may just scratch the surface and, so, the issue can always return or reappear in another form.

And that's why I've created 6-session packages.

1-1 spiritual guidance sessions are designed to keep you moving forward, to address, clear and heal past and new issues as they arise in your consciousness so you can continue to shine your light brightly and walk your soul path with purpose. As a stand-alone session, they are great. But as part of your life, of your continuous growth and development, they are amazing.

I consider them an intricate and necessary part of my energetic hygiene. Like our physical hygiene, when we shower, we wash and cleanse our skin, clearing away any dead cells that could be blocking our cells from breathing and which, through time, could allow our skin to become unhealthy; ensuring we create an environment for healthy skin that is free from bacteria or other foreign invaders. But if we choose not to shower regularly, the dead cells will stick to our skin, bacteria will begin to fluorish, and our skin becomes dull, grey and unhealthy.

1-1 spiritual guidance sessions are exactly the same. In each session we can cover and cleanse some areas of your life that may be stagnant, that may be stopping you moving forward with your soul purpose. But if we do not continue to address issues (past, present or still-to-come) that rise to the surface, our energetic flow can stagnate and become blocked.

Spiritual cleansing, spiritual healing, spiritual flow is a continuous path that we choose to walk, and I'm excited that, by being here, you have chosen to commit to yourself and your soul; to begin the journey to create a life that is fulfilled, in flow, and abundant; to walk a path where your true soul-light can shine brightly; to accept the experiences from your past that taught you valuable lessons but lovingly let them go if they no longer serve your highest good and who you have become today.

There are two package options available for you:

  • 6 sessions - paid in full
  • 6 sessions - paid in instalments

Payment in Full: When you choose to pay in full, you have the bonus option of booking all 6 sessions in advance, ensuring you acquire a date/time for each session that best suits you, should you choose to. If you find, you have to change the date of any of your sessions, no problem - you can do so by contacting me directly. I just ask that you become familiar with and honour my cancellation policy, should the need to change a date, arise.

This package and payment option offers a saving of £137.37 (when compared to booking 6 x single individual 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions)

Payment in Instalments: When you choose to pay in instalments, you shall be invited to pay 4 equal instalments of £149.94, each. These instalments will be required when you book your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th sessions. Again, I appreciate that life can throw curveballs once in a while and a session date/time may need to be changed, so kindly make yourself familiar with my cancellation policy, before this possible scenario arises.

This package and payment option offers a saving of £133.56 (when compared to booking 6 x single individual 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions)

Each 6-session package is designed to run over a 6-month period from the date of the 1st session. Ideally, the sessions are spread equally, one session per month. However, should the need arise or you would prefer a shorter period between each session, then this is your personal choice.

6 sessions - paid in full

A package of 6 monthly 90-minute 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions

Investment: £595.95

6 sessions - instalments

The first of 6 monthly 90-minute 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions

Investment: £149.94 in 4 instalments