step 3 - spiritual guidance - walking your soul path

Hello, hello lovely soul!

If you're here and ready to take the next step in working with the angels, your spirit guides, and me, to create a life full of blessings and abundance, where you shine your light, standing true to who you know you are at a soul level, and are wanting to follow your true soul's path and purpose...

... then I want to congratulate you.

You've made the right decision and your soul is truly grateful to you.

Our 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions shall be 90-minute live video sessions (via Zoom) where we deep-dive into any area(s) of your life where things don't seem to be flowing, and where you could do with some celestial guidance to bring everything back into energetic alignment.

Many souls believe that once you start walking your soul path and heading towards your soul purpose, everything will flow easily into your life. This is not always the way, thanks to the many limiting beliefs we have gathered as we've journeyed through life, to date. And that's why these 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions are so beneficial as, together with the angels and your spirit team, we shall work through the blocks you may be carrying, heal anything that you may have struggled to let go and that is weighing you down, and iron out challenges which arise along your path.

With advice through the angel cards, you shall receive guidance on what to do next to bring those areas that feel out of alignment, back into flow.

During your session we shall also spend time discussing action steps, and shall devote time to healing, forgiveness, meditation or visualisations... whatever is most appropriate for you and your current situation.

Each session shall be recorded and sent to you via the platform WeTransfer. Once you receive your recorded session and download it, it's yours to keep.

Whilst these 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions can be booked on an individual basis, as and when you need them, I have also created an attractive package offer for you, which can be either paid in full or in instalments (before sessions 1, 2, 3 & 5), because it's simply not possible to heal everything that is holding you back in life, in one single session.

Since childhood, you’ve accumulated beliefs from others (eg parents, teachers, people of influence), fears resulting from the outcomes of personal experiences (eg love relationships, work experiences) and outcomes which have inhibited you from being your true authentic self, from shining your light as brightly as you should shine it, and from walking your soul path with ease.

Unravelling those beliefs, fears and lasting impacts from past experiences is not something that can happen overnight. It takes time, support and guidance.

However, by simply taking this step forward and choosing to work with the angels and your spirit guides, through me, your life can and will begin to change because who better to guide and support you than the angels and your spirit guides; beings of unconditional love who only want for you to shine your light brightly, and live a fulfilled and abundant life; one that is true to who you truly are, at soul level, not who people want you to be or how society expects you to be.

single individual session

A single 90-minute 1-1 spiritual guidance session

Investment: £111.11

6 sessions - paid in full

A package of 6 monthly 90-minute 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions

Investment: £595.95

6 sessions - instalments

The first of 6 monthly 90-minute 1-1 spiritual guidance sessions

Investment: £149.94 in 4 instalments