a humorous confirmation


Hey lovely soul...

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When I give angel card readings I usually do so via live video chat. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to give some readings one-to-one, in person and it was such a beautiful and special experience.

One reading I gave was to a hairdresser. In her business was herself and her friend and business partner, also a hairdresser. I was invited to read for them both.

I went to their place of work after closing hours so I could give them each a reading.

As I read for the first lady, she was a bit nervous, unsure what to ask. And I could tell she was pretty sceptical, even when the angels gave her advice she could relate to.

As she slowly began to relax, the angels stepped in and, in their humorous way, gave her confirmation that the messages she was getting were from them - that I wasn't manipulating the reading in any way.

We were coming to the end of her reading and I was shuffling the cards waiting for her next question when one card jumped out.

I always read jumping cards as, for me, they are cards that the angels want me to pay special attention to. They fall out or jump out of the pack as I shuffle so they catch my attention.

Seconds before the card jumped out of the pack, the other hairdresser appeared with a broom in her hand to sweep away all the hair that had fallen on the floor during their day's work.

As I turned over the card I couldn't help but laugh and asked the lady I was reading for: "Do you think that's her?", referring to the other hairdresser. Because the primary symbol on the card was one of a lady with a broom in her hand brushing the floor.

The lady could not believe her eyes!

How uncanny that just as her friend and business partner arrived to brush the floor, that exact card jumped out. In that moment I could see her face change. As her reading had progressed I could see that she was becoming less nervous and starting to become less sceptical. But it took that jumping card to completely turn her around. Because it was that one card that gave her a light-hearted and humourous confirmation that the angels were sending her messages through the cards that were being drawn (or jumping).

I simply love working with the angels. We often think that we should only show God/Divinity/Source/Universe and the angels great reverence and respect at all times. Whilst that is true, as a result we tend to think that anything related to divine beings is serious and, almost, sombre. And it's often that seriousness, that 'shrouded in mystery', that untouchability that we have imagined that only creates a widening gap between us and the divine. Time and again the angels have shown me lightness and a sense of humour the more I've gotten to know them and the more I invite them into my life, just as they did in this reading.

When I talk to the angels, or even to God, I do so as if I'm chatting with a friend. I chat with them in a relaxed and informal way without all the pomp and ceremony because that's how I feel most comfortable. God and the angels don't need or want us to pray to them once a week in a special reserved building, or in the evening before you go to bed. They want us to include them and talk to them all the time, just like you would a best friend. They want to be included in all areas of your life, both to support you through the challenges and to celebrate with you through your achievenments. And the more you talk to them, the more relaxed and normal it becomes.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx