love of animals

If you know me a little already, you'll know I am the very proud mummy of two adorable adopted bunnies (hence the photo above... I couldn't help myself!). Whilst I'm devoted to my furbabies and bunnies, my love extends beyond that to all animals, from the dog in your home or tortoise in your garden, to the goats in the field, and the orangutans in the wild.

Animals have so much wisdom to share with us whether it's about how best to live our life or how to help heal the planet. Animals have more insights, wisdom and knowledge than many humans give them credit for.

I wish to be a voice for these highly intelligent, in-tune-with-nature, sentient non-human animals; not only to be a voice and an advocate for animals but also, through their wisdom, an ambassador for nature and Mother Earth. Through my work with the angels and angel cards, I have been blessed with so many truly special experiences with animals and Mother Earth, herself, that I have started collecting them in my personal blog, 'Animals, the World and Me' which you can find HERE. I'm sharing them in the hope that they'll inspire you, too, to become a more conscious and considerate human being.

I also offer angel card readings for, and on behalf of, your pet and any animals in your life, just in the same way as I offer angel card readings to humans.

One way to better understand the animal you share your home with, your beloved pet, is through an angel card reading. Through angel cards you can gain better insight into how your pet is feeling, what may be challenging your pet and, importantly, what you can do to help them.

I offer two types of angel card readings for pets, and all animals: one which gives advice and guidance on any area of your pet's life, or your relationship with your pet. And the other focused on helping you and your pet prepare for their departure, when they grow their angel wings and cross over the rainbow bridge.

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