angels and me

Welcome, lovely soul, to this sacred space where I shall be sharing with you some of my amazing experiences with the angels that I know guide and support me each and every day.

I hope that through sharing my experiences that I inspire you to reach out to your angelic team and invite them into your daily life too.

the pieces of the jigsaw

It's a funny old world, lovely soul.

There are times when I consciously tune into my intuition for guidance and then there are times when I'm being unconsciously guided. It's those times when I'm being unconsciously guided, when I'm not questioning the steps I'm taking simply because they feel right, that everything flows easily.

Other times when I'm questioning my intuition and wondering if I'm taking the right steps, everything feels a bit more like wading through treacle. Do you feel the same?

are you open to guidance?

How much do you try to control your life and how open are you to receive Divine guidance?

That's a question that popped into my head following an angel card reading I was giving a client.

Recently I've felt drawn to change the way I work with my clients, to upgrade their experience and give honour and respect to the intuitive and divinely connected gifts I have been blessed to share with those souls who cross my path...

feeling triggered

Recently I sent out an email to those who have elected to receive my weekly Monday email and, in return, I was met by a number of souls choosing to no longer receive my emails.

Now don't get me wrong. I do get souls choosing to no longer read or receive my emails but it is rare that a number of souls ask to stop receiving my emails, all at the same time.

So I wondered what triggered their reaction.

with help from my guardian angel

... I made my way to the final train and as I sat there I decided I'd had enough. I should've accepted the offer from my husband to pick me up. I shouldn't have been such an independent people-pleaser.

Although it was too late now to call him, I decided I needed to try something as the final part of my journey, the uphill walk from the final station to our home was now looking, through my exhausted eyes, like a climb up Everest.

So I spoke to my guardian angel and asked for her help.

hiding the true you

I recently spent some time learning about and attuning to Archangel Ariel, and while doing so I was reminded about a time when I was hiding the true me from my family.

What triggered the memory was when I wrote this about Archangel Ariel in another blogpost.

message from archangel ariel

On the first occasion I met Archangel Ariel, she brought with her two spirit animal guides for me; animals that were mighty and majestic. On this later occasion, when she wished me to pass on her message which I am now sharing with you, I was shocked by the animal that joined her.

Standing by her feet was a tiny, humble mouse.

Going from the presence of this strong and beautiful peaceful Tribal Queen with her lioness and my two majestic spirit animals to a strong and beautiful Tribal Queen with her lioness and a tiny little mouse, was somewhat of a shock.

message from archangel raphael

Recently during a meditation and attunement I received an unexpected and hard-hitting message, delivered by Archangel Raphael in his gentle manner. At first I was a little confused by the message as it didn't seem to be the type of message that would be attributed to Archangel Raphael as, on the surface, it didn't seem to relate to healing.

However, after some contemplation, I realised that it was about healing; it was about the healing of the human spirit and respect for the sentient beings we share this planet with.

message from archangel michael

During a recent meditation and attunement with Archangel Michael, I received a truly special message that I feel is not for me only, but a message that I am being invited to share with anyone who is open to receive it.

The message came in two ways, during two different occasions. In both messages there was an underlying theme and the presence of a white horse.

attuning to archangel michael

Recently I have been connecting to the Archangels through attunements so that our relationship, our synergy, our energy can become stronger and, so, I can better pass on the messages they may have to my clients.

During a recent attunement with Archangel Michael, like the first time, he appeared to me as a very tall yet gentle giant, clad in armour. Where my first experience of Archangel Michael was one where he was the height of a 5-storey building (at least), this time I felt as though, when I stood next to his foot, my height reached close to his knee.

be crystal clear

When clients ask me how they should talk to the angels and ask for what they need/desire, I always say that you should talk to the angels like you would talk to a 3-year old child.

When I suggest this, I'm not doing so out of disrespect to the angels, implying that they don't understand or might misunderstand something too complicated; that they have the brain of a developing child.

Rather my suggestion is for the benefit of the client doing the asking.

my year ahead

At the start of the new year I was wanting to receive a collective message of guidance from all the energies that surround me and love me, everyday. Energies such as the angelic realm, past-life guardians, ancestors and even Mother Earth herself. And I did not know of anyone who offered such an angel card reading.

So I decided to open myself up and see what advice and guidance I would receive...

my own angel card reading

When it comes to giving myself an angel card reading, well... let's just say it's nowhere near on par with the readings I give to my clients.

Because when I read for myself I'm too much in my own way. So when I'm truly looking for guidance from the angels through an angel card reading, I often turn outside to another angel card reader for support. It's just how it is.

even more angel numbers

When I first talked about angel numbers, little did I know that one blogpost would turn into three! But it has.

So I was wondering to myself... why are the angels inspiring me to write about angel numbers again? Surely you've got the concept, right?

Well... the reason is that everytime I receive signs like angel numbers I grow a little more and expand a little further in my understanding of the angels and how they are part of my life, every minute of the day. And when I learn and grow, they want me to share my experiences with you so you, too, can learn and grow, and invite the angels to play an even bigger role in your life.

trusting fully, letting go

Recently, Forrest went in GI Stasis again. Although Archangel Raphael steps in each and every time I ask for his help and heals Forrest, it doesn't mean that she has since stopped going into GI Stasis. It does, however, mean that I can turn to Archangel Raphael for help and trust that he will step in for the highest good of Forrest.

Our most recent experience, that I am talking about here in this blogpost, taught me such an important lesson. A lesson in trusting fully and letting go.

more angel numbers

A while ago I shared with you my feelings and experience around angel numbers. Well today I want to take things a bit further because things have ramped up quite a bit since then.

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost, when I first 'got into' angels the one thing that everyone seemed to be talking about was angel numbers; signs that the angels are with you, supporting you, guiding you. That the angels are giving you signs in the form of numbers as if to say "yep... keep going!" So when I wasn't seeing or getting any of these number signs I began to think there was something wrong with me.

i felt i was levitating

Recently I was in hospital receiving drugs that currently keep my body healthy. I receive these drugs every 10 weeks intravenously; a process that takes a few hours.

Usually while I'm receiving my drugs I read a little or listen to some meditations. I tend not to read too much as the drugs make me drowsy for a while so I find listening to meditations, soothing. And I let them play while I dose off.

In the past, while I've been in hospital and listening to my meditations, I've felt the strong presence of angels round my bed. But this time, things were different in every way.

dancing with the angels

When I was younger and studying at school, I would often do my homework while listening to music. I felt that music helped me to concentrate.

My Dad wasn't necessarily in agreement with me combining music with homework as he was concerned that I wouldn't be able to give the full attention I needed to my studies. But before stepping in to stop me listening to my music while I studied, he decided to first wait to see if my grades were affected in any way. Naturally I was oblivious to all this as I merrily bopped along to my favourite tunes while I wrote English essays and worked through maths problems.


I'd been reading my own angel cards, for myself, for quite a while before I mentioned it to a mentor (and friend), whom I trusted. Immediately her support and enthusiasm shone through as she encouraged me to branch out and offer readings to friends, for practise, and then to clients.

She confided in me that ever since our paths had crossed, she felt I should be working more in a spiritual, and even healing, capacity. But until now she hadn't felt comfortable sharing that with me as she felt it more powerful to find my own path.


Not long after I started working with the angels, not long after I started inviting the angels to play a role in my life, I got the strangest sensation.

Here's the thing. Everyone who talks to, works with and even sees the angels, does so in their own personal and unique way because the angels will show themselves and make themselves felt in ways that each and every person can uniqueiy relate to and feel comfortable with.

And it's been no different for me.

always one step ahead

I had a brainwave... and I decided to act on it before the temptation of procrastination kicked in and before self-doubt started to raise its little head.

The idea was to offer a new type of angel card reading. Up until this idea, all my angel card reading sessions were very interactive and very personal. I would connect with my client via video link and we would talk through the angel card reading together; a two-way chat where my client would also give her input and feedback, there and then.

angel numbers

Everyone was talking about angel numbers, seeing them all the time. And, for the life of me, no matter how hard I tried I simply wasn't seeing any.

And that was frustrating because it seemed that anyone and anybody could and was seeing these special numbers which had such special meanings.

Numbers like 11:11 or 22:22 on a clock, or 111 or 333 on car number plates, or 2222 followers on their facebook page or instagram account... and I was seeing nothing.

message of healing

I never know what guidance, what advice the angels want someone to hear, even when I know the person I'm reading for.

And so was the case with a friend's daughter.

As I find in most cases, people are keen to know what kind of messages they'll receive. Will it be good news or bad? Will it be something they don't want to hear or something they do want to hear?

a special message

Recently I gave a one-to-one, in-person reading to a young lady who received some very special guidance.

She had not booked a reading with me, it just so happened that the angels ensured our paths would cross.

a humorous confirmation

When I give angel card readings I usually do so via live video chat. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to give some readings one-to-one, in person and it was such a beautiful and special experience.

One reading I gave was to a hairdresser. In her business was herself and her friend and business partner, also a hairdresser. I was invited to read for them both.

I went to their place of work after closing hours so I could give them each a reading.

a bunny AND feathers

Strange combination, right? Not to me.

As I mentioned in my "Bunnies" post, my angel sign when I'm out walking and hiking at the weekend is a bunny.

That bunny can come to me in many different forms but, always, before I finish my walk I'm pretty much guaranteed to cross paths with a bunny.

my new home

In my blogpost "A New Home" (read it here) I shared a recent experience whereby, through the direction and guidance of the angels, a lovely client secured a new home.

After I wrote the blog I sent it to her and invited her to share a few sentences about her experience... kinda like a testimonial.

What she sent me in return blew my socks off.

a new house

When I first took the plunge to offer angel card readings, I decided to give some away for free because I wasn't convinced that I could actually pass on the messages that the angels wanted people to hear. I was caught up in the whole... "I can only do it for myself, I'm not good enough to pass on messages to others".

But friends convinced me to give it a try... what did I have to lose? What's the worse that could happen?

bobo's orb

I often see orbs when I'm video-chatting with someone. 

What orbs are, are little balls of light that 'fly' across the screen. They aren't dissimilar to specks of dust but what differentiates an orb from a speck of dust is that the orb tends to move in an unusual direction (maybe zig-zagging) or at a faster speed than a speck of dust.

I started seeing orbs when I began working with the angels.

if that's what it's like to die...

I woke to the '80's song "Electric Dreams" by Philip Oakley... which kinda summed up a very special experience I had.

I had a minor op, which turned out to be part of a much bigger life experience.

You see, I'd had a some 'investigations' going on for a few months and the final results confirmed that I had a high-grade lesion which needed to be removed incase it might turn more sinister.


I started seeing rainbows. They were almost everywhere at one stage.

When I first associated rainbows with angel blessings I expected to see rainbows as I had defined rainbows to be in my mind - the arch of colours in the sky that appear after rain.

But that's not where I saw most rainbows.

when the universe has your back

Some time ago, I made an appointment with my house doctor ('GP' for anyone in the UK) for a renewal of my contraceptive pill.

What I thought would be a simple "sure, fine" response turned into an "only after you have a smear test" conversation which I was far from happy about.

So I made an appointment with the gynaecologist and had my first smear test in about 15-20 years... I know, I know... please don't judge me.


I have a morning spirital routine which I follow 'religiously', I guess you could say. I enjoy it so much that I really look forward to getting out of bed each day.

Part of my routine includes EFT ('emotional freedom technique' or simply called 'tapping') and meditating.

This morning while I was meditating I suddenly got the image in my head of a summer top I have - white with blue dandelion seeds blowing over it. I hadn't thought of the top for a long while, never mind worn it... bit too cold for that at the moment! But there it was in my mind as if to say "pick me!".

chakra healing

After I listened to the angels' constant 'plea' to start meditating and started to meditate, I found that 'things were happening'.

First up my I noticed that one (or both) of my hands would sometimes rise and/or move. It was similar to when I was under hypnosis. I was aware of my hands rising and could place them back on my lap easily, but they would just keep rising.

One of the times my hands moved, I realised they were writing a message. On another occasion, as I meditating lying on my bed, my hands began to rise and move.

angels round my bed

...contrary to what you might think having read the above, over the last while my hospital visits have actually become really precious to me... quite the turnaround!

It's not because the nurses are amazing, which they are... truly gentle and caring earth angels. It's not because my constulant is the bees-knees, even though I think he is because he really has helped me turn around my health situation.

But it's because of the very special visitors I have been receiving while I get my infusion.


And so I started to meditate on a regular basis.

Not only did I notice a positive difference in my outlook of life but some rather unusual things were happening when I was meditating... I seemed to be getting some unusual messages.

parking angels

Have you ever heard of the parking angels?

I never did but it was something that was suggested to me when I was first starting out on my journey of discovery with the angels.

Because when I was first inviting the angels into my life, I struggled with trust.

meditate, just meditate!

When you open your heart to the angels and start to work with them, following their direction and guidance, sometimes, just sometimes your mind can come upon resistance to their nudges.

And that's exactly what happened to me.


I had been going through some trust issues with the angels. Basically I was finding it hard to give up control and just trust that angels had my back, not just in the case of Forrest with GI Stasis, but in all areas of my life.

Then one Saturday afternoon, Forrest went into GI Stasis. I immediately called on AA Raphael for help and my husband and I gave her her first feed. As soon as the feed was over, I did the hardest thing I have ever done. I walked away.

everything's gonna be alright

A month or so after my Uncle's passing, he appeared to me in a dream.

And he continued to appear to me in dreams every few months for close to 3 years.

When he first appeared, he seemed in the distance and I just caught him out of the corner of my eye. Even though he looked quite blurred and out of focus, I just knew it was him...

meeting archangel michael

...Archangel Michael, is the ruler of the Angelic realm, ensuring that all other Archangels are performing their spiritual duties. He is also the protector and is often depicted wearing armour.

When it comes to cutting links to past experiences and events (known as cord cutting) Archangel Michael is "the angel for the job".

that's not a sign!

Everytime we go out a walk/hike at the weekend, my husband and I are always on the lookout for my bunny sign. It's almost like a game we play and it feels like the angels enjoy playing along too as they've provided us with a bunny sign, each and every time, in so many different, and unexpected, forms.

But there was one time that will also stay in my memory. And which I can look back and giggle about.


Do you have a personal sign or symbol that, when you see it, you see it as confirmation that your angels are looking out for you and reassuring you that they're there?

I do.

But it didn't come easy.

the sticking handle

When I often talk to people about asking the angels for help, they tend to almost freeze, trying to think of something huge in their life that they need help with. Because people believe that the angels are there to help us with the big life decisions and challenges and that it is wrong to disturb them for the small 'petty' things.

But this is not so.

turning off the rain

We had friends visiting us for a long weekend and really wanted to show them some special sights in the country we currently call home, Switzerland, mostly because this was the first time they had ever traveled outside the UK. So I really wanted to create some truly special memories for them to take home with them.

The day they were arriving, that morning, the heavens opened. And it was bucketing with rain...

my mucker

When I first started meditating I only used guided meditations because I found that being still and quietening my very busy mind was simply too hard for me. With guided meditations my mind seemed to relax more as I had someone's voice to listen to and focus on which would lead you gently into a meditation with music.

It was during one of my first guided meditations that something very special happened to me; I was introduced to an Archangel who was already playing a very important role in my life.