angels and me

Welcome, Beautiful, to this sacred space where I shall be sharing with you some of my amazing experiences with the angels that I know guide and support me each and every day.

I hope that through sharing my experiences that I inspire you to reach out to your angelic team and invite them into your daily life too.


I have a morning spirital routine which I follow 'religiously', I guess you could say. I enjoy it so much that I really look forward to getting out of bed each day.

Part of my routine includes EFT ('emotional freedom technique' or simply called 'tapping') and meditating.

This morning while I was meditating I suddenly got the image in my head of a summer top I have - white with blue dandelion seeds blowing over it. I hadn't thought of the top for a long while, never mind worn it... bit too cold for that at the moment! But there it was in my mind as if to say "pick me!".

angels round my bed

...contrary to what you might think having read the above, over the last while my hospital visits have actually become really precious to me... quite the turnaround!

It's not because the nurses are amazing, which they are... truly gentle and caring earth angels. It's not because my constulant is the bees-knees, even though I think he is because he really has helped me turn around my health situation.

But it's because of the very special visitors I have been receiving while I get my infusion.

meeting archangel michael

...Archangel Michael, is the ruler of the Angelic realm, ensuring that all other Archangels are performing their spiritual duties. He is also the protector and is often depicted wearing armour.

When it comes to cutting links to past experiences and events (known as cord cutting) Archangel Michael is "the angel for the job".

that's not a sign!

Everytime we go out a walk/hike at the weekend, my husband and I are always on the lookout for my bunny sign. It's almost like a game we play and it feels like the angels enjoy playing along too as they've provided us with a bunny sign, each and every time, in so many different, and unexpected, forms.

But there was one time that will also stay in my memory. And which I can look back and giggle about.


Do you have a personal sign or symbol that, when you see it, you see it as confirmation that your angels are looking out for you and reassuring you that they're there?

I do.

But it didn't come easy.

the sticking handle

When I often talk to people about asking the angels for help, they tend to almost freeze, trying to think of something huge in their life that they need help with. Because people believe that the angels are there to help us with the big life decisions and challenges and that it is wrong to disturb them for the small 'petty' things.

But this is not so.

turning off the rain

We had friends visiting us for a long weekend and really wanted to show them some special sights in the country we currently call home, Switzerland, mostly because this was the first time they had ever traveled outside the UK. So I really wanted to create some truly special memories for them to take home with them.

The day they were arriving, that morning, the heavens opened. And it was bucketing with rain...

my mucker

When I first started meditating I only used guided meditations because I found that being still and quietening my very busy mind was simply too hard for me. With guided meditations my mind seemed to relax more as I had someone's voice to listen to and focus on which would lead you gently into a meditation with music.

It was during one of my first guided meditations that something very special happened to me; I was introduced to an Archangel who was already playing a very important role in my life.