pendulum dowsing (beginners)

Are you, like so many, intrigued about pendulum dowsing and how it works…indeed, IF it works?

Would you like to learn how to dowse with a pendulum, how to bond with your pendulum and understand how you can benefit most from your connection?

Would you like your pendulum to guide you in your everyday life and use it for much more than answering basic “yes/no” questions?

Now you can!

I have created a course that will teach you, step by step, everything you you need to know to successfully use a pendulum and receive accurate results every time.

through this course you shall...

... understand all you need to know about pendulum dowsing including how it works, its interesting and speckled history, and how it can help you in your everyday life.

... lay the solid and essential foundations necessary, so you can create a strong and steadfast bond with your pendulum.

... learn how best to care for your pendulum, keep its energy high, to ensure accurate guidance all the time.

... enjoy a variety of experiments and exercises that help you connect, bond and understand with your pendulum.

... practise basic exercises which can be adapted for use in any circumstance, any situation, any condition.

who is this course for?

This course is for beginners who wish to create a strong bond and relationship with your pendulum, feel confident using it, and trust its guidance in all areas of your life.

This course is also for anyone who has tried pendulum dowsing before with limited success and wishes to regain confidence in their dowsing abilities.

We'll start at the very beginning, looking at the history of dowsing and the checkered relationship between pendulum dowsing and religion. We'll lay the necessary foundations needed so you can create a strong bond and relationship with your pendulum, something that’s essential if you want to receive accurate guidance every time. And, through this course, you shall learn so much about the pendulum that you’ll feel confident using it, you’ll create a steadfast bond and connection with it, and you’ll trust its guidance in all areas of your life.

I've taken other pendulum courses and was surprised at how much I learned in this course. It's super packed with detail and Viv’s explanation of everything was very engaging! Not only would I recommend it for those beginning in dowsing, I recommend it to those who are experienced, as well. You would be surprised at what you will learn. I love this course and plan to take her other courses as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

JoAnne (5* review)

what else?

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You'll lay the essential foundations needed to build a steadfast bond with your pendulum, and receive accurate results every time.

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experiments & exercises

With the aid of experiments & exercises, your connection and dowsing skills will be honed.

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private FB group

You shall be invited to join a private FB group wherein you can meet like-minded souls and share your course exercises.

I shall share with you how you can care for your pendulum to ensure it remains in tiptop condition, how to hold, work with and understand your pendulum's repsonses, as well as the various ways you can use a pendulum to enhance your everyday life so you'll feel confident using your pendulum and receive accurate guidance every time.

Hi, I'm vivmcg...

... and I'm an Angel Lightworker, Soul Purpose Guide, and Teacher.

When I’m not teaching, I guide and support souls seeking their soul purpose and walking their soul path, using messages I receive from the angelic and spiritual realm through angel and oracle cards. When I read angel and oracle cards intuitively, my pendulum’s never too far away. Whether I’m using it for support as to which deck to choose to read from, which card (or cards) I should draw when a bunch jump out together to give but a couple of examples.

Whilst my pendulum is a divination and spiritually-connected tool I use to support and enhance my card readings, it’s also a tool I use for guidance in my everyday life too, to help me navigate obstacles that cross my path, to help me live a healthier life, to protect and safeguard my energy… and so much more.

Through my use, experience and connection with my pendulum, I appreciate how useful and how supportive a pendulum can be. It’s so much more than a simple, basic “yes/no” answering tool.

And that’s what I share with you through this course.

Do please check out my video below, introducing you to this beautiful course: Pendulum Dowsing: a definitive guide for beginnners.


No. Whilst a pendulum is an excellent divination tool to be used alongside Angel and Oracle cards, this course focuses on how you can incorporate a pendulum into your everyday life, to enhance it.

No. Whilst I shall provide information on the types of pendulums available and guidance on how to buy a pendulum, you do not need a pendulum before starting this course, nor do you need to purchase a pendulum to complete this course - you can use a homemade pendulum, should you wish.

Yes. The course platform I have chosen offers all its students lifetime access to the courses they purchase. This means that, should I remove this course from that platform, if you have bought it prior to its removal, you shall still have access to it.

Udemy is the course platform on which I have chosen to publish this course. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. It's a well-established and reliable course platform.

This is primarily a self-study course; you can complete it in your own time. However, after you enrol, you shall be invited to join a FB group where you can meet like-minded souls, share the course exercises, and join an optional monthly angel circle (additional supplement paid monthly). I am also available through messenger in Udemy, should you have questions about the course.

The course comprises 62 video lectures and 2 bonus video lectures, totalling 6.5 hours of content. Within the content, there are 12 downloadable resources. 3 experiments and 6 practical exercises.

pendulum dowsing (beginners)

Learn, step by step, everything you you need to know to dowse using a pendulum. Discover its history, learn how to keep your pendulum in tiptop condition, understand how to hold, programme and interpret the responses you receive through your pendulum. In this course you shall receive:

  • 62 lectures
  • 2 bonus lectures
  • 6.5 hrs of video
  • 3 experiments
  • 6 practical exercises
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • 1 private FB group
  • lifetime access

All for the investment of $149.99.

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I HAD NO IDEA! there was so much to learn about Pendulums. I really thought that you just picked it up and magic happened. Viv was extremely thorough, easy to follow and such a kind soul. The lessons that I learned here will follow me throughout my life. I am forever grateful and will carry on with the next course that Viv has on Pendulums, after some practice of course.

donna (5* review)