love of...

From my personal journey through life, I have discovered three loves that change you with-in and with-out; three loves that aren't separate and independent, rather they're beautifully and lovingly intertwined with each other.

Let me introduce you to the three loves:

love of self (aka self-love)

This first love, self-love, changes the life-choices you make, your outlook on life, how you think and how you view life around you. It changes your energy with-in and with-out.

All these are naturally-occurring changes and are part of an ever-evolving personal self-love and soul-filled journey.

When you embrace and embody the various concepts that lead to a life filled with self-love (concepts such as self-care, self-forgiveness, self-belief, and more), your perception of yourself and life around you deepens, your choices change to reflect your appreciation of and respect for the intricate intertwining of all energies, of which you are one. In so doing, you open up to a love and understanding of something greater...

... which carries you gently to the second of our loves...

love of angels

The second love fills our soul when you invite the angels into your life, when you invite their unconditional love, guidance, harmony, and support into your life.

As you change within through self-love, your outlook changes and your craving for a connection to something 'meaningful' grows.

When you invite the angels to walk alongside you, guiding you and supporting you along your soul path, your heart opens to a life where the choices and decisions you make are no longer solely inward-centred, rather they also become outward-focused in the knowledge and understanding that the energies of all beings, human, animal (and all life on Mother Earth), and spiritual, are interconnected and intertwined. In so doing, you open to a love and understanding of being one with all, equal with all, respectful of all...

... which carries you lovingly to the third of our loves...

love of animals (and mother earth)

Through experiencing, embracing and living the other two loves, a greater depth of love for both animals and the planet naturally begins to develop and unfold.

When you see yourself as part of a bigger picture, your choices change as you become greater aligned with the natural world.

When you choose to live in alignment with all that is around you, your lifestyle choices and behaviours reflect that, your heart and soul embrace the discovery that how we live, what we choose, what we say, what we do has a ripple effect not only in our own life and in the lives we are directly connected to, it also impacts life all around us. In so knowing, our choices become more conscious, more in tune with nature and the animal kingdom, more aligned with the life and energy that touches us and goes beyond.