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Let me let you into a secret - If you’re not living your best possible life, it’s because there’s a limiting belief or some kind of subconscious programming that is preventing you from doing so. It’s not because the world’s a horrible place, it’s not because life is hard, it’s not because the Universe or the angels have it out for you or are choosing to punish you for bad or wrong choices, it’s not because you’re an unlucky person, or because you think you’re a bad person… pure and simple, when something isn’t running perfectly in your life, it’s a direct result of your subconscious programming or some limiting belief (most likely created when you were a young child).

In other words, your life is what you make it, either consciously or subconsciously. And if you’re not living your perfect dream life where everything you could ever want or need flows graciously to you, then you, and only you, can fix it.

However, good news… You don’t have to do it alone. I can support and guide you along your healing journey. Because I’ve been where you are now. I’ve walked (and continue to walk every single day) a path similar to you. It doesn’t mean to say I have all the answers and my life is flowing perfectly – far from it. To some people looking into my life, they would probably call it (for want of a better word) a shitshow. However, they weren’t around when I started my healing journey. They don’t know just how dark, gloomy, and tough my life was a few years ago before I started healing myself. They can’t see how far I’ve come.

The thing about healing is that it’s a journey that will you walk (should you choose to) for the remainder of your life. The important thing is that you choose to begin that journey, that you choose the path that guides you towards healing.

If your life truly isn’t perfect (and let’s face it, whose is?) then for you to take gradual steps towards a more fulfilled and perfect life, you’ve got to begin your healing journey now, today. And, take it from someone who’s been, done that… it’s so much easier, so much more do-able when you aren’t walking it on your own.

My Healing Journey

I won’t lie. I haven’t been walking my healing journey since my eyes were opened at the tender age of 16, when I lay crying alone in my bedroom feeling totally and utterly confused and let down by life.

Nor did I start out on my road to healing after my student years when I realised that I had, perhaps, been partying a bit too much and a bit too hard, and finally realised that that wasn’t a healthy way to live.

I didn’t even take my first steps towards healing when my body screamed out for help and fell apart back in 2006 and I developed Crohn’s disease and was working like a dog in corporate finance, and life cast a very, very dark shadow over me.

No. My healing journey is more recent than that.

However, once I took that first step (or should I say the angels and the Universe gave me a shove in the right direction when the time, for me, was right), I have continued to walk that journey each and every single day.

However, I didn’t do it alone. From the outset, I found (or probably more accurately she was placed onto my path) my ‘energy mentor’ and every month, at least once a month, she has supported me, guided me, and encouraged me as I walked my personal healing journey.

Let me set the record straight before we go any further, however – my ‘energy mentor’ hasn’t and never will heal me. That’s my job just like it’s your job also. However, she has guided me, given me tools to work with, lifted me up when I was feeling down, and believed in me when no-one else did. And I could not have done it without her.

Healer, Heal Thyself

It has taken me some years of walking my own journey to feel ready and in a position to support others, like you, on your journey. And, as I have been preparing to do so, as I have been tidying up my toolbox of skills and techniques ready to share forward, as I've been honing my intuitive insight, there has been a phrase that has been constantly at the forefront of my mind: “Healer, heal thyself”.

The marketplace, it seems, is flooded with healers, coaches, guides, a horse for every course. However, not all (I would dare to say, only a few) who offer support are actually walking their own path to healing. Whilst they may be able to support you as you begin you journey, they simply cannot support you as you walk further along on your journey, unless they are traveling their own, learning from their experiences, healing themselves, gaining more insights.

I feel that’s why it’s only now that I feel in the position to support others. I don’t need to be years or miles ahead of you on your healing journey, I need only be a little ahead, a little more experienced. However, it is paramount that I, like you, am walking that journey, regularly healing, consistently peeling back the many layers.

It also means that I cannot be, nor should I be, fully healed myself. No human being whilst walking the earth can claim to be fully healed. Because as we travel through life, we undergo new experiences, our beliefs change, our habits alter, our attitudes are revised, all of which can be either positive or negative, and, consequently, we peel back more layers that require healing.

No matter what guidance and support you seek in life, an expert is not an expert unless they receive, themselves, what they are offering to you - healing. So, healer, heal thyself, before you attempt to support others – I think that’s a motto we should all live by.

Don’t wait till you need it

The idea of healing never crossed my path until some years ago. When I was physically healthy, I would never have dreamed of needing any form of healing. Heck, even when my body was falling apart, I was unaware (and uneducated) that Western medicine was only sticking a band-aid over my dis-ease and not actually healing it.

Don’t take a leaf out of my book. Don’t wait until you fall physically ill or later.

A lot of people believe that the word ‘healing’ relates to physical healing. And yet we are much more than physical bodies. We are emotions, thoughts, behaviours, energy, souls…

When an imbalance shows up in our physical bodies, often it’s only after years (perhaps decades) of our souls giving us hints, nudges and warnings that something’s not quite right. However, as most of us tend not to be finely tuned into our intuition, we are more inclined to ignore those nudges, and more.

Because we feel physically healthy doesn’t mean we don’t need healing.

As I’ve mentioned already, each and every one of us is walking around with heavy baggage – the baggage of limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that still drive our choices in life, the baggage of negative experiences and emotions that we are still connected to and haven’t released and let go, the baggage of negative energy we have been accumulating through every day life that we have not cleansed and released… and more.

If we do not tend, care for, and heal ourselves on a mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual level, eventually our physical bodies will become imbalanced and fall out of whack. So, even though you may feel physically healthy, it’s never too early to start walking your healing journey, to heal and release the baggage you have been accumulating throughout your life.

An overnight success story, it's not

As I have mentioned a few times already, healing is a journey that you will (should you choose to) walk for the rest of your life. Your life is not something that you can wave a magic wand over and POOF! you’re healed.

In today’s modern society, we tend to seek out instant gratification, instant rewards, instant everything. Patience is not something many of us are proficient in. The reason for our insatiable craving to have our wants and desires met now, in this moment, without delay, is thanks to a lot of what we see and read in the media, where actors, tiktokers, social influencers and the like were no-ones and nothings yesterday and famous and living in the limelight today.

However, the idea of an overnight success is as true to life as a fairytale. Behind the scenes of every popular icon and famous person lies years of rejection, years of not giving up, years of sheer dogged determination.

And your healing journey is the same. Years and decades of baggage being dragged behind you, multiple layers covering up and hiding your beautiful light and essence, that all cannot be removed overnight. It takes time. It takes dedication. And it takes commitment.

Shall we embark on your journey together?

Now you’ve read a bit about me, now you know that embarking on a healing journey will change your life, though it won’t do so overnight, I wonder… Are you ready to embark on your journey?

As healing isn’t something that happens overnight, this comes with a 6-month commitment of one (or two) sessions per month (your choice), each session lasting 1 hour. The investment* is £85/session should you choose one session per month and £75/session should you choose the option to have two sessions per month.


  • Any and all charges and/or fees incurred in the payment process must be borne by the client. The price per session quoted on this page relates to the final amount received by VivMcG.

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