intuitive numerology: getting started

Would you like to learn how to interpret numerology calculations in a way that is fun and characterful, in a way that uses your intuition rather than your memory, in a way that is more personal and relatable?

Would you like to understand meanings behind the 5 core numerology calculations without having to turn to and lean on a manual filled with keywords and meanings?

Would you like to bring numerology to life, to connect with the characteristics of the 9 single digit numbers and 3 Master numbers so you can intuitively uncover the special nuances they bring to each calculation?

Let me show you how.

I have created a course where I share numerology in a more meaningful, more connective, more intimate way, than how I, and most people, learned Numerology. And that way is through Intuitive Numerology.

through this course you shall...

... approach numerology in a fresh, fun, and exciting way that enables you to connect with and understand the characteristics behind the 9 single-digit numbers and the 3 Master numbers.

... connect with the numbers in an intuitive and meaningful manner that enables you to understand all calculated core numbers without having to turn to or depend on a manual filled with keywords and meanings for support.

... gain an appreciation of the impact numbers have had in your life up to the present day and the importance or numbers in everyday life.

... gain insight into how to interpret numbers on oracle cards using numerology, when they catch your eye in a reading... and so much more.

who is this course for?

This course is for anyone with an interest in numerology though not, necessarily, an affinity to numbers


This course is also for anyone keen to bring Numerology to life, to intuitively connect with the numbers calculated.

It’s only when you connect with Numerology on an intuitional level that the magic and sparkle that you experienced when you were first attracted to Numerology, can remain and carry you through the rest of your journey of self-discovery.

Absolutely amazing course haven’t stopped listening since I bought it.. thank you viv.. all your courses are so in-depth and I’ve learned so much from all of them that I’ve purchased.. if anyone is in two minds don’t be viv is a wonderful teacher xx

susan (5* review)

what else?

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intuitive connections

Connect with the root numbers intuitively, bringing their characteristics to life, making them more relatable and memorable.

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Understandings & exercises

In addition to practical exercises, calculate the core numbers and gain insight into the lives of 6 famous people in history.

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private FB group

You shall be invited to join a private FB group wherein you can meet like-minded souls and share your course exercises.

Intuitive Numerology stands out from the crowd through creating a connection with the numbers which is more intimate and intuitive, enabling you to hold onto the magic and sparkle that captured your curiosity about Numerology in the first place.

Hi, I'm vivmcg...

Let me share something that you may not yet know about me, even if you have followed all my previous courses…

For many, many years I was an accountant. Now, having just heard that revelation, you might already be sitting there thinking, “ahhh… worked with numbers… must love numbers… that’s why she’s created this course” And my response would be “wrong!”

Being an accountant was so far off my path I’m surprised I even found my way back. The whole debits, credits, reconciliations, budgets, forecasts, stocktakes, financial statements… Phew! Honestly? I felt like I was a round peg constantly being banged (in some vain attempt) to squeeze me into a square hole that clearly I didn’t fit into.

So, whilst I may have an ability around numbers, I never had an affinity with numbers.

However, since first learning about numerology, I also just knew that there was a more enjoyable way to learn about it, to work with it, to apply it, rather than learning a bunch of keywords and meanings, parrot-style, for each number in relation to each numerology calculation or having to rely on a manual filled with such keywords and meanings.

And there is. And I’m here to share it with you through this course.

Check out my video below, introducing you to this beautiful course: Intuitive Numerology (Getting Started); a truly unique way to study Numerology that retains the magic, sparkle, and soul of this wonderful, insightful self-help tool.


No. Whilst the first spiritual tool I learned which set me out on my spiritual journey was oracle cards and, being my first love, that's where the focus of my courses primarily lie, you do not need to have this skill under your belt to follow and complete this course. The focus of this course is Numerology.

No. Whilst there are calculations to be completed in order to gain the insight that Numerology shares, these calculations can be performed by anyone who can add numbers together. They are not complicated.

No. Well, more accurately, I should say we were all born with intuition. It's just many of us haven't regularly and consistently applied it in our everyday lives which means it may have grown weak. Whilst a strengthened intuition may make it easier to connect with the characters of the numbers shared in this course, your intuition will naturally strengthen the more you practice connecting with the numbers.

Yes. The course platform I have chosen offers all its students lifetime access to the courses they purchase. This means that, should I remove this course from that platform, if you have bought it prior to its removal, you shall still have access to it.

Udemy is the course platform on which I have chosen to publish this course. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. It's a well-established and reliable course platform.

This is primarily a self-study course; you can complete it in your own time. However, after you enrol, you shall be invited to join a FB group where you can meet like-minded souls, share the course exercises, and join an optional monthly angel circle (additional supplement paid monthly). I am also available through messenger in Udemy, should you have questions about the course.

The course comprises 46 video lectures of which 1 is a bonus video, totalling 6 hours of content. Within the content, there are 12 downloadable resources.

intuitive numerology: getting started

Forgot the need for a manual, don't worry about learning keywords and meanings, parrot-fashion. Instead connect with Numerology from a more relevant, more connective intuitive perspective. In this course you shall receive:

  • 46 lectures
  • 6 hrs of video
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • numerous exercises
  • calculate core numbers for 6 famous people in history
  • 1 private FB group
  • lifetime access

All for the investment of $149.99.

However... if you click the button below, today, you can receive all this for only $12.99! (that's a whopping saving of $137!)

I have taken courses with Viv in the past and I appreciate the way she encourages to use intuition rather than being told how to interpret the information. I liked learning about the letter "Y" and how to incorporate numerology in my Oracle readings. I look forward to practicing regularly and adding this new skill to my spiritual business.

cherie (5* review)