monthly oracle card readings

Hello lovely soul!

Each calendar month I tune into the angels, my spirit guides and all positive energies who wish to support and guides us, and share a reading for the month ahead.

It's on this page where you can find the current month's reading, download and keep it. It goes without saying, however, that once each month comes to an end, its related reading shall no longer be available to download. So download it while it's available.

no longer available

May 2024


Sorry, the energy related to this month has passed which means that this reading has been archived, is now out of date and no longer available.

available now!

June 2024


An 8-part 10-card oracle card reading providing insight into the theme of the month and our individual focus, what to let go of, what to open up to... and so much more.

coming soon

July 2024


Check back here at the start of July to find out what message and guidance the angels and our guides wish to share with us for this coming month.