love of self, Love of angels, love of animals

Welcome to the most glorious world of love: love of self (aka self-love), love of the angels, and love of animals.

I’m Viv, and I'm excited to be walking this path with you.

I’ll be your personal guide on our journey of discovery together; a journey of self-care, self-healing and all the building blocks that lead to self-love; a journey with our angels and spirit guides who walk beside us daily and are there for guidance and direction; a journey that, through self-love and an opening of our heart, naturally leads us to a life of love towards ourselves and others, including the sentient animals we live alongside on this beautiful planet.


From personal experience, I know that self-love ("care for one's own wellbeing and happiness") changes you for the better. It changes the life-choices you make, it changes your outlook on life, it changes how you think and how you view life around you, it changes your energy with-in and with-out; all naturally-occurring changes that are part of an evolving personal self-love journey.

If you picture an iceberg in the sea, from a ship you can only see the part that rises above the water. But you know that the iceberg continues deep below and stretches out far beyond what your naked eye can see.

Similarly 'self-love' is only the tip of the iceberg.

To enjoy self-love as a way of life, as a life-long experience, you're invited to fully embrace each element and level of the pyramid-shaped iceberg. By embodying the various concepts that lead to the tip (self-love) and by learning the tools that you can apply in your daily life, your foundations will be much stronger and capable of upholding a lifestyle that welcomes the fulfillment that self-love has to offer.

One of these levels in the pyramid is self-care, "the art of taking care of one's self." Whilst self-care encompasses an array of concepts ranging from self-forgiveness to self-compassion, you do not have to understand each of these, or the tools that accompany them, in order to introduce a little self-care into your daily life. You can begin to introduce self-care into your life, today, in as little as 3 quick and easy steps. Even by taking action, following these 3 steps, and introducing some degree of self-care into your life, you will experience positive and uplifting change.

If you wish to introduce better self-care into your life, download my free short guide below: ​

love of angels

Everyday in everyway, we are surrounded by beautiful energetic beings, angels, that are with us in everything we do. They are here to cheer us on, to guide and direct us, to keep us safe, and to comfort us... when we invite them in.

But we need to invite them in. That’s the key.

When we do invite the angels into our life, we are inviting unconditional love, guidance, harmony, and support into our lives. It doesn't mean, however, that our lives will suddenly be tickey-boo and plane sailing because, although the angels are part of our life, they cannot stop challenges coming our way; personal experiences, both good and challenging, are a result of our choices and beliefs, conscious or unconscious. What a love of the angels can, and does, teach us is that many of the challenges we, consciously or subconsciously, create in our lives can be avoided by changing our outlook, our beliefs, our expectations, our thinking, our inner dialogue.

And that’s where my first two concepts of ‘love’ (self-love and love of angels) beautifully intertwine.

As we grasp the idea that the Universe and the angels desire that we live to our highest potential and enjoy an abundant life free from fear, lack and negativity, then we find that the natural next step is to embark on an inward journey; we appreciate that through our love of the angels we instinctively feel guided along a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, a journey that ultimately leads us to self-love and a journey that strengthens our connection to the angels.

One stage on the journey to self-love is self-care, "the art of taking care of one's self." Whilst this is only one elment that leads to self-love, it is still practical and possible to introduce a level of self-care into your life today, without the need to first understand and embrace all the other stages of self-love. In as little as 3 quick and easy steps you can introduce some degree of self-care into your life, experience positive and uplifting change, and deepen your relationship with the angels.

If you wish to strengthen your connection with the angels through self-care, download my free short guide below: ​

love of aNIMALS

We share this beautiful planet with many non-human sentient and intelligent beings. They may be as familiar and friendly as the dog in our family, or as mighty and majestic as the King of Animals, the lion. Whether tame or wild, we live alongside these amazing creatures of all sizes and share the bounty Mother Earth provides... for us all.

This third 'love', the love of animals, can (and should) be extended to a love of our planet but as my focus will be in the communication and healing of animals, I have left it as a love of animals. However what I have found is that, through experiencing the other two loves (self-love and love of angels), a greater depth of love for both animals and the planet naturally begins to develop and unfold.

The many species of animals we share this planet with have much to teach us and many messages they wish to share with us. The outdated opinions and beliefs that animals are purely a source of food for us, or a research vessel through which we can develop greater medicines or even cosmetics, or  entertainment therapy be it through zoos, circuses or through hunting; these opinions and beliefs are gradually being addressed and re-dressed.

As we begin to slowly appreciate the importance animals play on our planet, as we begin to listen to what the animals wish to teach us, as we begin to love and better understand all animals, so we can better and positively impact their lives and the life of our ailing planet.

I truly believe that love is not only a lifelong journey but the answer... to any question. When we approach life from a place of love, it has a positive ripple effect that touches everything around us and continues further to touch everything around that, again. A bit like the ever-expanding circle of ripples you see when you throw a stone into a lake.

And, so, we are right back where we started: self-love. Once we uncover the capcacity to truly love ourselves, our cup begins to overflow and that overflow, naturally, creates a love outside of ourselves, not only for those nearest and dearest to us, but beyond, way beyond. Our life choices change, our visions change, our desires and goals change... all because we come from a positive and high vibration of love. I know this because I have personally experienced it.

The journey to develop and enrich the love you have for the animal(s) you share your home and life with, for the animals that also call this planet home, and for the planet itself, the journey starts with you. It begins from within you before it travels beyond you. It starts with self-love.

The journey to self-love is a lifelong journey but as you take that very first step, you can begin to see changes within yourself. One important element of self-love is self-care, "the art of taking care of one's self." Whilst this is only one elment that leads to self-love, it is still practical and possible to introduce a level of self-care into your life today, without the need to first understand and embrace all the other stages of self-love. In as little as 3 quick and easy steps you can introduce some degree of self-care into your life, experience positive and uplifting change, changes that start that ripple effect which reaches far beyond yourself.

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the answer is love

As corny as it may sound the answer is always love, no matter the question.

When we approach life, its challenges and obstacles, from a place of love, we set aside the trappings of fear, doubt and insecurities, to enjoy a life that is full of gratitude and abundance.

... apply the building blocks to self-love...

... communicate with the sentient animals we share our home and planet with...

...only through love can we heal ourselves and our planet

... trust in the angelic realm for guidance and direction...

And before we can consider love beyond that of ourself, we first must fall back in love with ourselves and walk the beautiful journey of self-love.

Because when you truly love yourself, you fill your cup to overflowing. And when your cup is overflowing with love, the beautiful energy and vibration of that love touches everything around us (be it loved ones, our pets, the nature we walk in) and far beyond.

So that you may sample a piece of the self-love journey I have created a special gift for you which guides you to greater self-care in only 3  simple, yet powerful, steps.

You can download my guide by clicking the button below:

my name is... Vivienne McAlister-Geertz

But I prefer to be called 'Viv'.

Sometimes I struggle to put into words the beautiful impact that self-love has created (and continues to create) in my life.

I didn't waken up one day and suddenly decide to look after myself better or fall back in love with myself. It was all a lot more subtle and gradual than that and, indeed, is a journey I'm still walking and shall walk the rest of my life.

My journey started as an attempt to save my (former) business. But soon turned into an inward journey, addressing my mindset, inner dialogue and limiting beliefs.

As I walked my path, I was drawn to new experiences (such as connecting with the angels) and made new lifestyle changes... all of which felt so natural.

My life is by no means perfect and I put my hand up and admit that I have fallen off the self-love bandwagon more times than I care to count.

What I can say is that when challenges manifest into my life, I don't crumble, panic or runaway like I used to. I have a whole bunch of tools in my toolbox that I use to help me work through those challenges in a more calm and positive way.

And that's what I want for you, too.

I've experienced how self-love can turn around my life. I've experienced how my new high vibration can positively affect those around me, how my relationship with the angels and my spirit guides has given me strength to live in the present and trust that the future will be fine, how I see (and treat) the life that surrounds me be it the animals and humans I share my home with or this planet with, and how I consciously make decisions that have a positive ripple effect that travels far beyond myself.

If you're reading this and there's something tingling inside you or your mind is nudging you with the thought "I want a bit of that too", then please don't ignore these subtle and gentle signs. Please take that first step forward and join me on this beautiful journey by clicking the button below.