I’m Viv, and I'm excited to be walking this path with you.

I’ll be your personal guide on your journey of discovery: a journey of self-care, self-healing and all the building blocks that lead to self-love; a journey along your soul path with the angels and your spirit guides who walk beside you daily and are there to help you navigate the bumps along the road, should you ask them to; a journey that, through working with angelic beings and opening your heart to love, naturally leads you to a life of love towards yourself and others, including the sentient animals we live alongside on this beautiful planet.

welcome lovely soul

I'm Viv, Angel Lightworker, Soul Purpose Guide, and Teacher.

Have you ever asked yourself "why am I here?" or have you ever wondered what you're here to achieve in this lifetime? Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life or have you ever sought to uncover your unique gifts?

Have you felt drawn to spirituality and the angels for guidance but aren't sure if you're receiving that guidance, or feel you can't tune into the angels and your spirit guides and clearly hear and receive the messages they're sending you?

Have you felt the desire to deepen your connection with the angelic realm through meditation, opening a channel through which you can listen and hear their guidance? And do you wish to change your life for the better through visualisations?

Whether you're seeking your soul purpose or feel you're already walking your soul path and could do with some added support and guidance to get you round the bumps and over the obstacles that may be appearing along your path; whether you feel a connection with the angels or would like to create and develop a stronger connection with them through the medium of Angel and Oracle cards; whether you just want to quiet your busy mind so you can hear angelic guidance and use your mind to create a better reality for yourself...

... I've got loads of ways to help you.

let me support you

Through the medium of Angel and Oracle cards and my connection with the angels and your spirit guides, you will receive messages of support and guidance which will help you walk forward in life with clarity and confidence, navigating any bumps that may be standing in your way.

Discover how we can work together, with the support of the angels, to help you walk your soul path and live your soul purpose.

let me guide you

To meditate is to listen to the whispers of guidance from the angelic realm. Through guided meditations you can go deeper with greater ease and without struggling to quiet your busy and distracted mind, so you can create a better connection with the angeilc beings that are supporting and guiding you.

Discover the gentleness of guided meditations to help you connect with the angels, and the power of visualisations to create a better life.

let me nurture you

Learn to read Angel and Oracle cards using your natural-born gift of intuition so the messages and guidance you receive from the angelic and spiritual realms comes through loud and clear. Learn, also, how to pass on the same beautiful messages of support and guidance to family, friends and paying clients.

Discover how you can hone your skills as an Angel and Oracle card reader to bring clarity and guidance to your life and the lives of others.

what my clients are saying...

Praise for personal 1-1 Angel and Oracle card readings

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"I loved the session with Viv. Never having had an Angel Card reading, I wasn't sure what to expect. Viv put me at ease, is clearly very knowledgeable and was very open & engaging.

It was a great experience and my curiosity that there is a world we don't need to understand but is guiding and helping us was both comforting and intriguing and left me wanting to find out more.

If you have any hesitation or doubt, just book a session with Viv. I'd highly recommend it. She is great."

sian Perham

Coach at Aligned Leadership

"Viv has such a lovely way of working with someone.

From the start of the session she was great in holding the space and took charge of the flow, while giving me all the freedom to express, change topic and be open.

It was a wonderful experience, loved the connection established between the two of us and I felt totally safe in her professionalism, yet she had a nurturing and compassioned way of conducting the reading. She is very intuitive and tunes in with the angels and guides easily."


Intuitive Coach                                      

"I read Angel cards for other people and while I often pull cards for myself, I really wanted another perspective on my upcoming launch from someone I know and trust.

Vivienne was spot on! The answers she channeled were so relevant, and reiterated what I also received but with a new insights too.

Thank you so much Viv, I feel so calm and easy about my launch and know, I'm heading in the right direction. And the message for self-care, is so appropriate right now."

glyniss trinder

Intuitive Mindset Coach & RTT Therapist

Praise for Angel and Oracle card reading online courses

"This course was AMAZING!!

...Vivienne is obviously knowledgeable and passionate which shines through. She has a wonderful delivery style which captivates you and keeps you focused on her teachings. A wealth of information is given in a structured, detailed and engaging way.

This lady really knows her stuff too, an amazing amount of detail has been put into her course and you can immediately see her passion, care and love for this subject is there for you too...

... I am really looking forward to using the knowledge I have, knowing absolutely that I have learnt from a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring person that I can also contact further for additional guidance."

Nikki timp

5 - star review

"I am really enjoying this course. I love the format and the wonderful knowledge shared.

I think Vivienne is an exceptional teacher, who makes it a joy to be part of her lessons, and explains everything deeply and meticulously. Watching and listening to the videos in the course has created a positive shift in me, which is really interesting.

Vivienne’s calm and soothing voice seems to activate some cleansing and freeing inner movements and her deep exploration of a topic that is very interesting is a real blessing!

I totally fully recommend this course to everyone interested in this subject, whether you have previous knowledge of it or not!"


5 - star review                                    

"I have always had a real connection with angels and the angelic realm and have my own angel cards that I use frequently but I always felt that I was a bit of a fraud and was reading the cards wrong and not getting messages through correctly from the angels.

Well this course has changed all that!!

I now feel so confident when I am interpreting the cards, I know that I have intuitively picked the right card and that I am clearly receiving and deciphering the messages from the angels.

The course is packed full of information and has lots of little extras added in like meditations and worksheets to help you through your journey.

Viv is fantastic at explaining everything in a clear, concise and gentle way and she gives you the conviction to have faith in yourself."

leisa duffy

5 - star review

let me support you...

... through 1-1 Angel and Oracle card readings

let me guide you...

... through guided meditations and visualisations

let me nurture you...

... through Angel and Oracle card courses

are you thriving or just surviving, lovely soul?

During this year of crisis, do you feel your emotions are out of your control, swinging from one extreme to the other? Is your energy being pulled down by all the doom and gloom that’s everywhere around you? Are you struggling to keep your head above water, desperately treading water and just about managing to get through each day? Have you had enough yet?

If you resonate with any of the above, then it’s time to change things around, lovely soul. It’s time to ground with Mother Earth.

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