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Welcome lovely soul.

Wanna learn how to read Angel and Oracle cards... and much more? Then you're in the right place.

On this page you shall find online courses that I have created which shall teach you, step by step, everything you you need to know to read Angel and Oracle cards; from card reading at both beginner and intermediate level, to understanding symbolism. You can also learn how to ignite your natural-born gift of intuition, not just for the benefit of card readings, but also for your daily life.

"I just love Vivienne. The course is very thorough and everything is explained in detail." ~ Bonnie

"Vivienne is an incredible and knowledgeable instructor. Her energy is amazing." ~ Archit

"I appreciate how she breaks everything down into easy understandable steps." ~ Lisa

reading angel and oracle cards:


Learn to interpret your Angel or Oracle cards without always turning to the guidebook, to understand the personal messages that the angelic and spiritual realm are sending you, through your cards and to know how best to care for and look after your cards so, energetically, they stay in tiptop condition... and so much more!

I have created a course that will teach you, step by step, everything you you need to know to read Angel and Oracle cards for yourself.


Share with family, friends, and paying clients, the same kind of enriching messages you are already receiving through your cards, hone your intuition so your connection with the angelic and spiritual realms is so super strong, learn a library of card spreads so that you can turn to to deliver the most enriching guidance to any question someone may ask you... and so much more!

I have created a course that will strengthen your intuition so your connection with the angelic realm is so super strong that the messages you receive and pass on to others is on-point everytime.

better interpret cards

Discover how to take your readings to a much deeper level through techniques and know-how, acquire techniques and insights that will help you be proactive and eliminate any issues before they even arise in a reading, understand how to ensure your intuition flows in a reading by having the right foundations in place... and so much more.

In this course you shall find guidance and advice, tips and hints on what you should do, and importantly why you should do it, so you best interpret your cards. 

understanding and interpreting symbols on angel and oracle cards:

part 1

Create a library of 26 commonly-found symbols with meanings that are personal to you, stop leaning and depending on your deck’s guidebook for your card interpretations which will, as a result, be more generalised, pass on messages, to yourself or others, that are more personal and in-depth and have more colour... and much more!

I have created a course that will help you understand and apply your own, personal meaning to a variety of symbols you commonly find on angel and oracle cards, thus allowing you intution to play a bigger role in your card readings.

part 2

Grow your library of symbols found on angel and oracle cards even more to make interpreting your cards even more in-depth, enable your intuition to flow, to get out of its way by knowing that you understand every symbol in your working deck, intuitively understand and interpret the messages the angels are sending you... and much more!

I have created a course through which you will be able to take your interpretation of angel and oracle cards to a much deeper level, giving more meaningful readings with your understanding and knowledge of even more symbols.

ignite your intuition:

part 1

Quieten your monkey mind so intuitive messages can flow to you unfiltered and unhindered, have the means to ignite, strengthen, develop, and enhance your clairvoyance and clairaudience, understand how you can apply your intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience in angel and oracle card readings... and much more!

I have created a course through which you can ignite your natural-born gift of intuition with Part 1 focusing on how to quieten the monkey mind so you can tune into your intuition and on the first two primary intuitive gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

part 2

Ignite your 4 remaining intuitive gifts so you can live a life that is truly guided by your intuition, be in greater alignment with your soul wherein the choices you make are guided by your intuition, understand how your intuitive gifts can positively influence angel and oracle card readings... and much more!

Part 2 of this course focuses on the remaining four intuitive gifts (or clairs) as well as answering common questions and doubts about intuition, the impact of intuition on your everyday life and in card readings, should you already be an Angel or Oracle card reader.

pendulum dowsing:


Understand the history of dowsing and the turbulent relationship between dowsing and relighion, learn how to clear, cleanse and charge your pendulum to keep its performance in optimal condition, learn how to connect with your pendulum to receive accurate guidance... and much more!

I have created a course through which you can achieve accurate guidance through your pendulum, focusing on how you can create a connection with your pendulum and understand the guidance you receive through it.

for energy-based businesses

Learn how to prepare your space before each client appointment, cleanse the energy, meditate, dissolve blocks for you and/or your client, bring in positivity and healing... and much more, using your pendulum.

This course focuses on a variety of ways you can use your pendulum to support and enhance your card reading and/or energy-based, spiritual business.