work with me

Hello lovely soul! And welcome.

I work with and connect in to the Universe, the angels, and our spirit guides to support and guide you as you seek to shine your light brighter, to overcome any obstacles along your path,  to be in better alignment with your energy and soul so your life will flow smoother, and to better connect and understand the needs and wants of your beloved pet.

oracle card readings for you... and your pet

remote reading

A short recorded oracle card reading giving advice and guidance on 1 pre-chosen question

live 1-1 reading

A live 1-1 oracle card reading via Zoom, giving guidance on any question(s) posed

pet readings

Choose between a general or an end-of-life oracle card reading, whichever is relevant

support and healing

1-1 private sessions

Receive support overcoming obstacles and healing to bring you back into alignment