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Hello lovely soul!

Below you'll find guidance on when a pet angel card reading would benefit both you and your pet as well as some example situations based on previous angel messages I have passed onto pet guardians.

I think it's fair to say we're a nation of animal lovers but does your pet have a special message to pass on to you with the help of the angels and their spirit team?

Our pets are communicating with us every single day, however, because they don't use the words and sounds that we understand, more often than not their messages are left unheard.

Through this general pet angel card reading, I offer you the opportunity to hear what your pet wants you to know about any given situation in your life. See it and appreciate it from their point of view. Their words of wisdom often bring us greater clarity which helps us (and them) navigate a situation, the guidance you receive can help dissipate any worry you may be feeling about them, and the advice you receive can help you understand how best to treat and include them in a situation.

But what would you like your pet to talk about? That can often be a stumbling block so let me give you a few suggestions based on previous pet angel card readings I've done.

Perhaps there's a change happening at home. For example, you're getting ready to move house or have just moved, one of your kids is leaving the nest, there's a new baby, or you may be going through a breakup or divorce. How does your pet feel about the situation?

Or what if your pet is feeling ill, has been ill, needs to go for an operation, or is recovering from an operation or treatment? What would they like to you to know about how they feel, that can, perhaps help them?

Or perhaps your pet's behaviour has changed recently. Maybe they're being more boisterous or more subdued, acting out of character, and you'd like to understand why and how you can help. What would they like to you to know about why their behaviour has changed and how you can, perhaps, help them?

This general pet angel card reading is a 3-card remote reading. The cards shall focus on your pet's strength, what's rising up in their heart, and what they find challenging in the situation you have asked us to focus on.

Being a remote reading, you do not have to be present. All you need to do is fill out the form below, I shall record the reading, and send it over to you (using the platform WeTransfer) within 2 working days.

Your general pet angel card reading attracts an investment of £33.33,

Important: Payment for this card reading shall be requested on the following page, immediately after you've submitted the form below. Please do not close the following page without completing the payment transaction as your pet reading shall only be sent to you 2 working days after payment.

I look forward to helping you better understand how your pet is feeling and what your pet wants you to know in your chosen situation.

pet angel card reading
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