meet viv

Angel Lightworker, Soul Purpose Guide, Teacher

I work with the angels and our spirit guides to support and guide lovely souls who seek to shine their light by living their soul purpose and walking their soul path. When we walk our soul path we're bringing our unique energy and gifts to the world. We follow a life that has purpose and that lights us up. We make a difference.

That doesn't, however, mean the path we follow will always be easy-going, smooth and free from obstacles and challenges. We are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience but, as humans, we can be truly complex, creating realities that make life challenging. And that's where advice and guidance from the angels and spiritual realm can help; it supports us and helps us navigate the obstacles that lie along our path.

As part of my path, I have been encouraged, by the angels and spirit, to support those who are seeking to walk forward in life with clarity and confidence, navigating any bumps that may be standing in their way, through the medium of Angel and Oracle cards and my connection with the angels and your spirit guides; to help guide those lovely souls who desire to create a better connection with the angeilc beings through the beautiful and gentle medium of guided meditations and visualisations; to nurture those souls who wish to strengthen and hone their natural-born gift of intuition so they too may learn to receive (and pass on) messages and guidance received from the angelic and spiritual realms using the medium of Angel and Oracle cards.

As part of my path, I have been encouraged, by the angels and spirit, to support, guide and nurture fellow souls seeking to walk their soul path.

my journey

Since childhood I have sensed and felt angels and spirit around me. For many years, however, I wasn't open to receiving their support and guidance because I didn't want to be different, to stand out from my family and friends.

Like everyone I just wanted to fit in, be accepted, and be loved. And, so, for many years I tried to tune out to the invitations, feelings, sensations, guidance and messages I was receiving.

In more recent years, however, I became more open, no longer needing to blend in, but rather filled with a desire to seek out my true soul path, listen to my intuition and to the messages of support and guidance I was receiving from the angelic and spiritual realm.

As a result, my life path has taken a new twist, with the angels and spirit making their presence more strongly, more lovingly known; a twist and change in direction that has helped me shine my light more brightly.

What that new direction started out as, was a quest and exploration into self-love, a path that I shall continue to travel along for the rest of my life; the learnings and experiences of which I am being encouraged to share with fellow souls who cross my path.

Through self-love I re-discovered my connection with the angelic and spiritual realms as I began to open up, loosen up, and consciously chose to walk my path unhindered by societal expectations. The medium I was guided towards to hone and strengthen my connection with the angelic and spritual realm was the medium of angel and oracle cards, and, having trained under the modern greats such as Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine, Denise Linn, Colette Baron-Reid, to name but a few, I am now in a position to serve, guide, nurture and teach souls who cross my path, seeking to walk their own personal soul path.

Finally, through my strengthening connection and relationship with the angels, I have been guided and encouraged to make many personal changes in my life and lifestyle, changes that have helped me become a more healthy energetic being living in alignment with Mother Nature and the animal kingdom.

All my learnings, all my experiences I openly share here with you, lovely soul, and have divided them into what I call the 3 loves; loves that are not independent and unrelated to each other, rather loves that relate and intertwine:

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love of self

This first love, self-love, changes the life-choices you make, your outlook on life, how you think and how you view life around you. It changes your energy with-in and with-out.

All these are naturally-occurring changes and are part of an ever-evolving personal self-love and soul-filled journey.

When you live a life based on self-love, your energy will become more open to the second of our loves...

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love of angels

Our second love fills our souls when we invite the angels into our life, when we invite their unconditional love, guidance, harmony, and support into our lives.

As we change within through self-love, our outlook changes and our craving for a connection to something 'meaningful' grows.

When you connect with the angelic and spiritual realms, your outlook changes and you begin to embrace the third of our loves...

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love of animals

Through experiencing the other two loves, a greater depth of love for both animals and the planet naturally begins to develop and unfold.

When we view ourselves as part of a bigger picture, our choices change as we become greater aligned with the natural world.

When you choose to live in alignment with all the is around you, your lifestyle choices and behaviours reflect that.