udemy course growthbooks

Whilst learning a new skill or unveiling a new gift is wonderful and we should always be on the quest to learn. You cannot grow or develop your newly acquired gift or skill without practising it regularly and consistently.

If you're familiar with my courses on Udemy one thing you'll have heard me say on numerous occasions is, "Practice, practice, practice".

Without practice you cannot move forward, you cannot progress, and you cannot talke your gift or skill to a deeper level.

On this page you shall find links to download what I call "Growthbooks"; workbooks based on the Udemy courses I currently offer at the time of publishing each growthbook volume. For anyone wishing to practice their gifts and skills, to grow in their abilities and confidence, to develop their knowledge to a higher level, these growthbooks have been created for you. I hope you enjoy them.

the growthbooks...

growthbook vol1

This growthbook provides 20 exercises and practices designed to support and accompany the following VivMcG courses on Udemy:

  • Reading Angel & Oracle Cards – beginners & intermediate
  • Understanding & Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards – Pt1 & Pt2
  • Understanding & Interpreting Colours on Oracle Cards – Pt1 & Pt2
  • Better Interpret Angel & Oracle Cards
  • Ignite Your Intuition – Pt1 & Pt2
  • Pendulum Dowsing – for beginners & for your energy-based business
  • Intuitive Numerology - Getting Started