pendulum dowsing (for your energy-based business)

Having worked with your pendulum for a while now and feeling confident in your connection because the results you’ve been getting have been accurate...

Are you now pondering, “How can I incorporate this beautiful divination tool into my energy-based business so my clients can also benefit from it?”?

And wondering, "How can my energy work and energy-based business grow, expand and evolve with guidance from this simple yet powerful and effective tool?"

Let me show you how.

I have created a course that will demonstrate a multitude of ways that you can incorporate your pendulum before, during and after your client sessions, as well as supporting you as you work on your business, helping you create your dream energy-based business; a course that will inspire you to use your pendulum as an intricate and fundamental tool in your business.

through this course you shall...

... learn both why you should and how you can incorporate your pendulum before a client session whether that’s meditating with your pendulum to get into your zone of healing and genius, cleansing your energy and raising your vibration, or even opening your client’s heart before their arrival... and more.

... gain insight into why and how you can use your pendulum to enhance a client’s session and experience such as managing their stress or releasing any worries they may be carrying… and more.

... understand and appreciate the benefits your pendulum brings after a client session whether this is through disconnecting energetically from your client, recalibrating your energy… and more.

... receive guidance on how you can take your business further with support from your pendulum such as working through fears and blocks that may be holding you back… and more.

who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has developed a connection with their pendulum and would like to use it to support and enhance their energy-based business.

This course is also for anyone with experience using a pendulum who wishes to offer their clients treatments which are even better aligned to their unique energy.

In this course we’ll take your already-existing knowledge of working with a pendulum and adapt and apply it for the benefit of you, your business and your clients. Through this course, you’ll gain insight into the many ways your pendulum can support you professionally and give you inspiration to discover even more uses for your pendulum in relation to your healing business.

Jam packed with lots of great and helpful information. less than half way and already benefiting from this wonderful and very well presented course. thank you for creating and sharing this superb knowledge.

karl (5* review)

what else?

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your business

Gain insight into how your pendulum  can support and guide you in every area of your business from client work to creating your dream business.

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Understandings & exercises

Not only is there a plethora of practical exercises to apply, you'll understand why these will benefit you, your client and your business.

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private FB group

You shall be invited to join a private FB group wherein you can meet like-minded souls and share your course exercises.

You’ll learn about so many ways your pendulum can support you, your client, and enhance your energy-based business that you’ll be eager to adopt it as a primary tool of support in your business and to enhance and complement the other energetic, healing or spiritual tools you already use.

Hi, I'm vivmcg...

... and I'm an Angel Lightworker, Soul Purpose Guide, and Teacher.

When I’m not teaching, I guide and support souls seeking their soul purpose and walking their soul path, using messages I receive from the angelic and spiritual realm through angel and oracle cards. When I read angel and oracle cards intuitively, my pendulum’s never too far away. My pendulum is a tool I turn to throughout my day in relation to my business.

Through my use, experience and connection with my pendulum in relation to my business, I appreciate and know just how useful and how supportive a pendulum can be for you, your energy-based business, and your clients.

And that’s what I share with you through this course. And that’s what I share with you through this course.

Do please check out my video below, introducing you to this beautiful course: Pendulum Dowsing: Enhance your Energy-Based Business


No. Whilst a pendulum is an excellent divination tool to be used alongside Angel and Oracle cards (and I will share a little about this), this course focuses on how you can incorporate your pendulum into your business to enhance your client's experience and for the betterment of your business.

Yes. Not only will you need a pendulum to follow the many exercises, practices, and meditations in this course, before beginning this course you must be familiar with the workings of a pendulum, have created a strong connection with your pendulum, and be receiving accurate results on a consistent basis.

Yes. The course platform I have chosen offers all its students lifetime access to the courses they purchase. This means that, should I remove this course from that platform, if you have bought it prior to its removal, you shall still have access to it.

Udemy is the course platform on which I have chosen to publish this course. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. It's a well-established and reliable course platform.

This is primarily a self-study course; you can complete it in your own time. However, after you enrol, you shall be invited to join a FB group where you can meet like-minded souls, share the course exercises, and join an optional monthly angel circle (additional supplement paid monthly). I am also available through messenger in Udemy, should you have questions about the course.

The course comprises 73 video lectures of which 4 are bonus video guides, totalling 6.5 hours of content. Within the content, there are 13 downloadable resources. 31 how-to videos and guides.

pendulum dowsing (for your energy-based business)

Learn, step by step, everything you you need to know to dowse using a pendulum. Discover its history, learn how to keep your pendulum in tiptop condition, understand how to hold, programme and interpret the responses you receive through your pendulum. In this course you shall receive:

  • 73 lectures
  • 6.5 hrs of video
  • 27 how-to videos
  • 4 practical guides
  • 13 downloadable resources
  • 1 private FB group
  • lifetime access

All for the investment of $149.99.

However... if you click the button below, today, you can receive all this for only $12.99! (that's a whopping saving of $137!)

This course contained a fantastic amount of information on how to use my pendulum in many new ways to not only support my business but also my personal use of it to help guide me through the ebbs and flows of life and spiritual growth. Excellent teacher and format, highly recommend this course!

bonnie (5* review)