living positively video series

welcome lovely soul

The LIVING POSITIVELY video series is a series of 25 short daily videos, 20 angel messages (contained within the daily videos), 2 guided meditations, and 4 support guides, that will help and support you in creating the habit of living positively, within the current climate of Coronavirus.

This video series is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

what you'll receive

... on topics such as "emotional awaremess", "vibrational energy", "releasing low emotions", calling "time out", "the world around us", "what's your purpose?"... and many more

... loving guidance and support from the angels and your spirit team in relation to the topic being discussed in the video and how you can apply it directly in your own life

... that will gently and lovingly encourage you to open and expand your heart centre, sending out love, and to feel into your emotions, releasing and cleansing them

... that provide practical advice that you can apply to your life immediately on areas such as bubbling up, creating affirmations, and how to keep your vibration positive

living positively video series

Everything you need to live positively in today's changing world

  • 25 short videos
  • 20 angel messages
  • 2 guided meditations
  • 4 support guides

All for the investment of £222.

However... if you click your preferred payment option below, today, you can receive all this for only £22.22