online course - pendulum dowsing

"I just love Vivienne. The course is very thorough and everything is explained in detail." ~ Bonnie

"Vivienne is an incredible and knowledgeable instructor. Her energy is amazing." ~ Archit

"I appreciate how she breaks everything down into easy understandable steps." ~ Lisa

pendulum dowsing:


Understand the history of dowsing and the turbulent relationship between dowsing and relighion, learn how to clear, cleanse and charge your pendulum to keep its performance in optimal condition, learn how to connect with your pendulum to receive accurate guidance... and much more!

I have created a course through which you can achieve accurate guidance through your pendulum, focusing on how you can create a connection with your pendulum and understand the guidance you receive through it.

for energy-based businesses

Learn how to prepare your space before each client appointment, cleanse the energy, meditate, dissolve blocks for you and/or your client, bring in positivity and healing... and much more, using your pendulum.

This course focuses on a variety of ways you can use your pendulum to support and enhance your card reading and/or energy-, healing-, or spiritual-based business.