understanding and interpreting symbols (part2)

Would you like the messages of guidance you receive from the angels and your spirit team to be even more insightful, personal, on point and truly relevant to your life, or the life of the person you’re reading for?

Would you like to have the confidence to, on the spot, using your intuition, determine symbolic meanings to symbols on cards that aren’t covered on either of these Understanding and Interpreting Symbols courses but which pop up during a reading?

Now you can!

I have created a course that, through your experience of creating symbolic meanings that are personal to you and memorable to you, you can invite your intuition take centre stage in a reading so the messages flow with ease and are personal, in-depth, accurate, relevant, and memorable.

through this course you shall...

... understand how to apply your own personal meanings to even more symbols found on Angel & Oracle cards, thus receiving even deeper, more meaningful and more personal message.

... be able to receive and /or pass on messages that flow with even more ease and even more grace because your knowledge and understanding of the meanings behind symbols is even deeper, with little to no need to turn to the deck guidebook for support and help.

... be able to give readings that flow intuitively because, with your rounded knowledge of even more symbolic meanings and your ability to apply those meanings in readings, you’ll be able to relax and let your intuition take over.

... build on your already strong library of symbols foundation, bringing more symbols to life, attributing more meaning to your readings and making your readings even more personal and indepth.

... Become confident, from all the experience you’ve gained through this course, part2 and in part1, in intuitively determining your own, personal symbolic meaning behind symbols that aren’t covered in this course but which you may find on your favourite Angel or Oracle card deck.

who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has completed Understanding and Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards (Part1) and is ready to build on their already-existing solid foundation of Library of Symbols.

This course is also for anyone who wants to enhance their intuitive abilities, knowing that the best Angel and Oracle card readers let their intuition and their connection to the angelic realm take centre stage in a reading.

This course builds on your already existing strong foundation of symbolic meanings acquired in Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards Pt1, because building on your already solid foundation will ensure that your intuition plays the primary role it should, in the interpretation of Angel and Oracle cards. This course will ensure that you stay connected to the angelic and spiritual realm and to your inner wisdom during a reading, so the messages you receive or pass on to others are personal, have meaning and relevance, and are more in-depth.

However, this course will not spoon-feed you symbolic meanings you should attribute, rather it encourages you to look within and choose meanings that resonate with you, meanings that you will, as a result, easily remember.

Through its design, this course will, therefore, invite your intuition take centre stage and the messages your receive, flow, because you’re not getting in the way trying to remember a symbolic meaning that has no relevance and doesn’t make sense to you.

Viv takes you beyond and even further to understand different symbolisms and it’s good to know that if I intrepret ithem differently from another person that this is not wrong 'cos it’s my reading of the cards. I still have a lot to learn but she makes it easy and makes you realise you already have a lot of knowledge at your fingertips; just use your intuition more. Love her courses.

Nancy (5* review)

what else?

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Suggested interpretations for symbols which you can choose to accept or reject, depending on whether they resonate with you, or not.

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Visualisations that will help you to discover symbols 'first hand' so you can apply your own personal meaning to them.

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private FB group

You shall be invited to join a private FB group wherein you can meet like-minded souls and practice your new-found skills together.

I shall teach you how you can add even more colour, even more meaning to the messages you receive and pass on through your angel and oracle cards. I shall show you how the messages of support and guidance you receive and pass on through your cards are more personal and more in-depth. I shall help you to truly unleash your intuition, so you can easily, with flow and grace, pick up on the exact messages the angels are sending you through your cards. No more guesswork. And I shall help you feel really confident in the knowledge that, as a result of the library of symbols that you are continuing to build and create, you have a strong and steadfast structure that will support your ability to interpret cards intuitively.

Don't try to comprehend with your mind. Your mind is very limited. Use your intuition.

Madeleine L’Engle, author

Hi, I'm vivmcg...

... and I'm an Angel Lightworker, Soul Purpose Guide, and Teacher.

I work with the angels and our spirit guides to support and guide lovely souls who seek to shine their light by living their soul purpose and walking their soul path.

Since childhood I have sensed and felt angels and spirit around me. For many years, however, as I struggled with my own personal beliefs and wasn't open to receiving their support and guidance.

In more recent years, however, I opened up to their support and turned to Angel and Oracle cards as my medium through which to connect with the angelic and spiritual realms.

I have trained under and learned from the great names we associate with Angel and Oracle cards, today. Names such as Kyle Gray, Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine, and Colette Baron-Reid... as well as others.

My life has changed, as have the lives of my clients, through the loving advice and guidance received, intuitively,  through Angel and Oracle cards. This is why I have chosen to share my knowledge with you through this course. So you, too, can understand and interpret the symbols you find in your cards, thus stepping aside and letting your intuition play a more important role in your readings.

Do please check out my video below, introducing you to this beautiful course: Understanding and Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards (part1); a course for any Angel or Oracle card reader who wishes to bring the role of intuition more into their readings.


An understanding of how to read Angel or Oracle cards, as well as some experience, is a must. And a completion of the sister course, Understanding & Interpreting Symbols on Oracle Cards (Part1) is highly recommended.

This course does not teach you how to read cards, rather it teaches you how to understand and interpret more of the many common symbols you may find in your Angel or Oracle cards, so you can let your intuition take over. This course builds on your already-existing foundation of experience and understanding of how to read cards as well as grows upon your already-existing solid foundation that is your library of symbols.

No. I believe in the importance of having a single working deck; a deck that you work with daily and with which you have already created a strong bond and connection. The symbols discussed within this course are symbols that are commonly found in many Angel and Oracle decks.

Yes. The course platform I have chosen offers all its students lifetime access to the courses they purchase. This means that, should I remove this course from that platform, if you have bought it prior to its removal, you shall still have access to it.

Udemy is the course platform on which I have chosen to publish this course. As of Jan 2020, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. It's a well-established and reliable course platform.

This is primarily a self-study course; you can complete it in your own time. However, after you enrol, you shall be invited to join a FB group where you can meet like-minded souls, share the course exercises, and join an optional monthly angel circle (additional supplement paid monthly). I am also available through messenger in Udemy, should you have questions about the course.

The course comprises 62 video lectures and 1 bonus lecture containing a over 9 hours of content. Within the content, there are 2 downloadable meditations, 6 downloadable visualisations, suggestions for 31 symbol interpretations and 1 bonus video wherein I share my own personal experience when I came across new, unknown symbols during a reading to a client.

understanding & interpreting symbols (part 2)

Pass on messages, to yourself or others, that are more personal, more in-depth, have more colour and are brought more to life through your understanding of symbols. In this course you shall receive:

  • 62 lectures
  • 1 bonus lecture
  • 9 hrs of video
  • 6 downloadable visualisations
  • 2 downloadable meditations
  • 31 symbol interpretation suggestions
  • 1 bonus video
  • 1 private FB group
  • lifetime access

All for the investment of $129.99.

However... if you click the button below, today, you can receive all this for only $12.99! (that's a whopping saving of $117!)

I really really enjoyed this course. The meditation sessions have encouraged me to practice daily. The information is given in a clear, understandable way with examples. I had no perception of the myriad of symbols that are present on the oracle cards I was looking at! A brilliant course that is well worth doing. Thank you so much Viv xx

cindy (5* review)