oracle card readings

One of the most beautiful, insightful, and uplifting ways the Universe, angels and our spirit team can guide and support you (and your pet) is through oracle cards. Through loving guidance, they encourage you to keep moving forward. Through gentle encouragement, they help you navigate the bumps and obstacles along our road. With devoted support, they walk alongside you. And with tenderness they support you in better connecting with your beloved pet.

oracle card readings for you... and your pet

remote reading

A short recorded oracle card reading giving advice and guidance on 1 pre-chosen question

live 1-1 reading

A live 1-1 oracle card reading via Zoom, giving guidance on any question(s) posed

pet readings

Choose between a general or an end-of-life oracle card reading, whichever is relevant

“Thank you so much for a fantastic reading, you obviously have a special connection with the angels”