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Welcome lovely soul.

Wanna learn how to read Angel and Oracle cards, dowse with a pendulum, understand Numerology from an unique intuitive perspective... and much more? Then you've arrived in the right place.

On this page you shall find links to my online courses, as well as a variety of ways in which I can support you in developing and strengthening the new-found gifts and skills you'll acquire through these courses.

"I just love Vivienne. The course is very thorough and everything is explained in detail." ~ Bonnie

"Vivienne is an incredible and knowledgeable instructor. Her energy is amazing." ~ Archit

"I appreciate how she breaks everything down into easy understandable steps." ~ Lisa

online courses

In-depth courses at affordable prices. Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

I have chosen the well-known and well-established platform, Udemy, to host my growing number of spirituality-focused online courses. Whether you're looing to learn how to read angel and oracle cards, improve your knowledge of oracle cards, develop your intuition, or learn about another divination or spiritual tool, you should find something that interests you.

to complement and support your growth:

udemy course growthbooks

Supplement and support your learning with practical exercise growthbooks.

In my courses, you'll always hear me say, "Practice, practice, practice" because if you wish to develop your new gift or skill, if you want to progress and take them deeper and further, you simply have to practice them regularly and on a consisten basis.

It's no longer good enough to follow a course and 'tick' the box. If you want to take that knowledge and skill out into the world, if you wish to practice your gifts and skills, grow in your abilities and confidence, develop your knowledge to a higher level, then you cannot escape the importance of practice, and these growthbooks will support you every step of the way.

mentorship & accountability

[for Students of my Card Reading courses] This 1-1 programme isn't about helping and guiding you to better read and interpret oracle cards (unless that's what you wish to focus on). Rather, this programme is an all-encompassing programme designed around your personal wants and needs so you can be successful in creating and pursuing a healing business that works with and for you.

Stuck in a rut and don't know how to move you and your business forward? Not sure if you're focused in the right area or niche for you or you don't even know where to focus? Need support, help and guidance understanding and overcoming obstacles and blocks that are standing between you and your potential, that are dimming your light? Then this programme is for you.

card cafÉ

[for Students of my Card Reading courses] The Card Café is an online space where you can spend an hour with other fellow students, like you, reading oracle cards.

Together, under my support and guidance, you can practice and hone your gifts and skills, you can have your questions answered, you can find a way through challenges you may be experiencing, you can improve and celebrate your ability to read oracle cards, and you can relax and enjoy being in the company of new like-minded friends.

"Viv has great energy and an excellent way of explaining things, making them easy to understand." ~ Sheila W

"Vivienne is very skilled and knowledgeable and her angels energy shines through everything she says and shows and trains with you." ~ David

"I love her gentle & genuine energy..." ~ Shannon