love of angels

Whether you sense them or not, we are all surrounded by angels who lovingly support us through life's journey.

I work with the angels in a number of ways. Firstly, personally, when I ask for their support and guidance in my daily life. The experiences I have had with the angels in my personal life are something I hold very dear in my heart. The angels have shared so much with me, have opened my heart to receive their love, and have been there when I have called upon them for support and guidance.

I have been blessed with so many truly special experiences that I have started collecting them in my personal blog, 'Angels and Me' which you can find here. I'm sharing them in the hope that they'll inspire you, that you'll see the kind of experience you too can enjoy when you invite the angels into your daily life. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I also work with the angels to relate gentle loving and guiding messages to anyone who requests.

We are all here, each and every one of us, for a purpose and to walk our soul path. However, often we don't know what our path is and, when we begin walking our path, we don't always know how to navigate the obstacles along the way. I can help and guide you along your soul path, and navigate your way round the obstacles, with guidance from the angels through angel cards.

An angel card reading is a gentle and loving hug from our angels.

The angels give us messages of guidance, direction and support. Their message is always gentle and positive because the angels are surrounded by positivity and high vibrations.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and are undecided as to which path to take, the angels can help guide you. If you're faced with an opportunity but aren't sure if what you feel in your gut is right or the best option, the angels can help nudge you in the best direction. If you just need some reassurance and comfort, the angels are here for you.

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