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I don't know about you, but when I'm looking to invest in myself, my learning and in my growth, I want to read what others have to say before I commit. I want to read about their experiences, how the courses they took part in have helped them to grow, and if they actually enjoyed the courses.

It doesn't matter whether the investment I'm about to make is (financially) big or small, I want to read what others have to say, first.

And that's why I have created this page for you.

I want you to get a feel for the courses I have created for you before you even begin them, I want you to feel excited about investing in your own personal growth whilst trusting that the teacher you are choosing to follow will be the guide and the support you need.

And that's why, below, I've pulled together a collection of thoughts and feedback from real souls, like you, who have already taken part in my courses. Below they share their thoughts and feelings to help you feel more comfortable choosing me as your guide, your support and your teacher.

This course teaches you the most important thing you can learn when it comes to reading oracle cards: namely, that interpretation comes from you. There is no course that gives you the ability to interpret more personally - and therefore exactly.

The course has so much information, so many exercises that are structured so that it is both fun and easy to learn.

Vivienne is a very skilled and knowledgeable teacher and her angels energy shines through everything she says and shows and trains with you. I am deeply grateful for the course. THANKS!

David Laeby     5* review

I was blown away by the amount of information I learnt about Angel and Oracle cards. Viv's passion comes through in her teaching and I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to take Angel and Oracle card reading to the next level.

~ Debbie Watson     5* review

What I really liked about this course was the journey that Vivienne created while I was learning. It never really felt like I was learning, meaning it was a pleasure to work through the different sections of the course and learn of and about angel readings. Would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who either has an interest or for someone looking to practise the art of angel readings.

~ Louise     5* review

I have always had a real connection with angels and the angelic realm and have my own angel cards that I use frequently but I always felt that I was a bit of a fraud and was reading the cards wrong and not getting messages through correctly from the angels. Well this course has changed all that!! I now feel so confident when I am interpreting the cards, I know that I have intuitively picked the right card and that I am clearly receiving and deciphering the messages from the angels.

The course is packed full of information and has lots of little extras added in like meditations and worksheets to help you through your journey. Viv is fantastic at explaining everything in a clear, concise and gentle way and she gives you the conviction to have faith in yourself.

I highly recommend this course and can’t wait to sign up for the intermediate one. Thanks Viv xx

leisa duffy     5* review

Excellent course for beginners, teaching and helping build confidence of reading Angel and Oracle cards through specific, straightforward instructions and guidance. From the introduction, all the way to the interpretation of messages,

Vivienne's course transmits her knowledge in an interesting, pleasant way, making one look forward to the next section. An added bonus are her short meditation sessions, something to go back to on a daily basis. Definitely recommended!

~ Caterina Tz     5* review

I am really enjoying this course. I love the format and the wonderful knowledge shared. I think Vivienne is an exceptional teacher, who makes it a joy to be part of her lessons, and explains everything deeply and meticulously. Watching and listening to the videos in the course has created a positive shift in me, which is really interesting. Vivienne’s calm and soothing voice seems to activate some cleansing and freeing inner movements and her deep exploration of a topic that is very interesting is a real blessing!

I totally fully recommend this course to everyone interested in this subject, whether you have previous knowledge of it or not!

~ Anel     5* review

This course was AMAZING!! I was a little dubious to start as it is a subject that I have reservations about. I wanted to learn more about Angel Card readings and see if with a better understanding I could embrace the subject and its guidance. From the first section I was hooked. Vivienne is obviously knowledgeable and passionate which shines through. She has a wonderful delivery style which captivates you and keeps you focused on her teachings. A wealth of information is given in a structured, detailed and engaging way. This lady really knows her stuff too, an amazing amount of detail has been put into her course and you can immediately see her passion, care and love for this subject is there for you too.

I love the way the course is constructed in bite sized pieces which fit into my busy life and that I can review whenever I need to. I am really looking forward to using the knowledge I have, knowing absolutely that I have learnt from a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring person that I can also contact further for additional guidance.

Nikki Timp     5* review

its very clear, simple instructions and takes you at a good pace - pitched at the right level for a beginner

~ Deb McMillan     5* review

What a great course! I really enjoyed listening and studying angel cards. I work with the angels a fair bit, and this has definitely given me an insight to work with them more!

~ Lauren Jones     5* review

This course is very informative. It is great for a complete novice or beginner or someone who has some experience of using oracle cards. You can take things at your own space. Viv explains things in detail and it is very easy to follow. You can always replay a section if you wish to look back at something or something you are not sure of.

I would highly recommend this course. I myself have used oracle cards for a while, but there were things that I had forgotten about and somethings that I was not aware of. It has also given me the confidence to move forward and give card readings. Thank you Viv for this wonderful course.

Denise Marsden     5* review

An absolutely fabulous course which takes you through from the very first steps of Angel and Oracle card reading. Viv has covered so much, delivering the course with vast knowledge and great passion.

Upon starting the course I immediately felt calm and really open. I can't wait to start reading for myself and then hope to move onto the next course for reading to others.

~ Joanne     5* review

Viv was amazing! She's so knowledgeable and takes you through every step to gain confidence and clarity to read cards.

This course was so much more in depth than I originally anticipated, thank you SO much Viv! I can't wait to tell my friends about this! And of course, I love her accent!

~ Theresa Strang     5* review

I'm really enjoying the course! Vivienne provides so much detail and guidance, not just on the reading and interpretation of cards, but also on how to connect to the angels and ground your energy, on picking the right deck(s) for you... I didn't think this course would be so elaborate! I keep coming back to sections as they become relevant (again) and I am really enjoying how much more fun it is to work with my cards now! Thanks Vivienne

Mags Thomson     4.5* review

Easy to understand

~ Shalini Loganathan     5* review

Very good course! Well structured, filled with many useful information. Everything you need to know is there. I also like the teacher. I truly recommend this course for any beginner.

~ Catallin Mocanu     4.5* review