mentorship & accountability (for card-reading students)

Are you ready to take your card reading practice to the next level with guidance and encouragement from someone who's walked the same path?

Are you seeking support and backing from a mentor who's been where you are now and has overcome the many obstacles you see and experience along your path?

Are you ready to focus and achieve your dream to be the best possible card reader you can be, through reaching manageable targets and being held accountable?

Then my mentorship and accountability programme is for you*

* Please note this programme is only available to students of my online card-reading courses, details of which you can find here and here.


Like you, when I was learning to read angel and oracle cards, I followed courses and used my own intuition. I didn't have a mentor, someone to support and guide me, someone who could tap into their own personal experiences and share insights and wisdom with me, someone who could shed light on challenges that I struggled to resolve on my own, someone to encourage me so I could become the best possible card reader I could become.

Yes, I did eventually get there and I learned a lot on the way. However, the thought of having someone to lean on, someone to ask questions to, I believe that would have made my journey less challenging and less overwhelming. And whilst working through the obstacles that came onto my path helped me to grow, working through them with the help, understanding and support of another would have brought even more insights, more understanding and greater growth.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” ~ Oprah Winfrey. When you can see the hope, you can shine your light. And when you can shine your light, you can attract people who need what you offer. And when you attract people to you, you can help guide them and help them create a better life for themselves and for those around them, creating a better world.

Are you ready to shine your light and create a better world through angel and oracle cards?

According to self-help author and lecturer, Bob Procter, a mentor is also "someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” Some of the best card readers I have taught and supported have been the least confident in their abilities. It's only been through guidance, support and gentle encouragement that they have accepted their gifts and skills and allowed their light to shine fully.

Are you ready to discover your true gifts, talents and abilities?


We all begin with the best of intentions at heart. And we ride the wave of enthusiasm and desire to be a great angel and oracle card reader and to offer others the best possible readings and insights to help them continue moving forward along their own life path.

However for most of us, we don't step away from our day-job, career or business to study reading angel and oracle cards on a full-time basis. It's something we do on the side, in the evenings, at the weekends, when we have a few free hours. And more often than not, without having someone to be accountable and answerable to, our busy lives will inevitably get in the way. Without the ongoing dedication and determination that comes with regular online meetups, our regular learning and practising can all too easily fall by the wayside. Without encouragement and some cheer-leading from someone who knows your struggles and can help you shine your light, it can be all too easy to let things slide.

If you've already noticed or experienced this, know that you are not alone.

The thing about accountability is, whilst it's good to have someone on hand who helps you set goals and "things to do and achieve" between sessions and meetings, as author of "Design Your Own Destiny", Catherine Pulsifer, puts it, "at the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves - our success is a result of what we do".

However, when your life is busy and stressful, even the best-intentioned person will struggle to stay accountable to themselves, alone. Desire alone to share guidance to others through your cards is usually not enough to keep you aligned and focused on becoming the best possible card reader you can. Accountability to yourself is not enough to keep you on track, to ensure you keep meeting your next target and goal. However, making yourself accountable to another, someone who wants to see you succeed every bit as much as you do, now that's the strongest driving force, that's simply the best way to keep moving forward, improving your gifts and skills as an angel and oracle card reader.

Are you ready to succeed? Are you ready to meet your targets and goals? Are you ready to be accountable to someone who wants to see you succeed?

what this programme entails

Your promise

This programme requires a meeting and catch up on your progress twice each month via Zoom.

I've found that meeting up once a month is too big a gap between sessions and, more often than not, enthusiasm and, therefore, accountability tends to waiver as a result. On the other hand, meeting up every week is too much; it doesn't give you enough time between our sessions to complete what you had set out to achieve after the previous session and, so, again, accountability tends to waiver.

Meeting twice a month, ideally once every two weeks, is long enough to keep your desire to succeed peaked, long enough to enable you to achieve what you set out to achieve following our previous meeting, and long enough to keep accountability a focal point.

Your promise to yourself is to show up, prepared and ready for each of our meetings, and be consistent in doing so. Because, as athlete and politician, Jim Ryun, says, "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

your commitment

A mentorship and accountability programme is not something you can pop in and out of, or something you choose to follow for only a few weeks. It requires commitment over a period of time because it's only over time that you'll see and experience the benefits to being part of this programme. 

It was Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States, who said, "Commitment is what forms a promise into reality". I would like to alter that a little and suggest that it's commitment that forms a dream into reality.

This programme requires a minimum 6-month commitment from you because dreams simply don't become our reality overnight.

This programme also requires a minimum 6-month commitment from you because I only want to attract students who have the desire to shine their light in the world through angel and oracle cards and are ready and committed to go the distrance.

your dedication

This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of programme. There are no modules to follow, there are no set assignments to complete. We shall work together, one-to-one, to develop your card reading abilities and your confidence.

However, this means that for this programme to succeed for you, you need to be dedicated to it, you need to put in the practice and the work between our sessions because our sessions will revolve around questions, challenges, struggles that arise between our twice-monthly meetings.

If you do not put in the effort, if you do not practice and do the work, then those questions, challenges and struggles do not have the opportunity to surface and we won't have the opportunity to work through them.

This programme is designed to support you in shining your light, in becoming the best possible card reader you can. It's about support, mentorship and accountability and that means you have to be dedicated to doing the work and the practice. It's up to you to take ownership and responsibility of your own success.


In every area of life, it's important to keep the energetic scales in balance. In order to receive, you give. In order to give, you receive. And this programme is no different.

The form of energy given in exchange for what you receive through this programme is the same form of energy that is used and exchanged in most everyday transactions: the energy of money.

My desire is to make this programme available to all students who are keen to develop and strengthen their angel and oracle card-reading abilties, who wish to share the guidance they receive through the cards with others so they too can continue to walk their chosen life path, who have a desire to shine their light and raise the energy, positivity and vibration of our world. And so, for this initial intake of students, I have kept the investment as achievable for everyone as possible whilst still honouring my abilities, gifts and experience.

I have also created a number of different payment options, all of which are equally fair and balanced so no-one has a greater advantage over another.

In exchange for a 6-month commitment to this programme, I request an investment of £600. This investment can be paid in full at the start of the programme, in 6 equal instalments of £100 at the start of each month, or in 12 equal instalments of £50* prior to each of our sessions.


  • Any and all charges and/or fees incurred in the payment process must be borne by the client. The price per session quoted on this page relates to the final amount received by VivMcG.
  • At the end of June the price per session shall increase to £75 per session to reflect changes to the programme which shall incorporate more support and healing, where needed.
  • If you join the programme before this increase, the price per session shall remain constant (£50) for as long as you remain within the programme (ie 6 months or more), and you shall also benefit from the additional support and healing being added to the programme.