meditations and visualisations

guided meditations

Because the mind has a tendency to wander where it will, many of us find it easier to focus and relax when our minds aren’t entirely left to their own devices. Guided meditations  and visualisations gently walk your mind through imagery and experiences, allowing it to focus whilst you relax.

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grounding with mother earth

Grounding is something we should include in our daily lives & rituals so we're not caught up in the busy-ness around us, we can stay rooted while connecting to the angelic & spiritual realms... and more.

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release the weights & burdens of others

All too often, as sensitive souls and empaths, we too easily take on the negative emotions of others, emotions that we need to energetically clear regularly so they don't drag our vibration down.

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raise your vibration

To attract the good things in life such as love, money, health, success, you need to ensure your vibration is the same as the vibration of the things you wish to attract; you need to keep your vibration high.

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end of day energy cleanse

Our body is unable to decipher which energies will positively and negatively impact us as we go about our day. It's therefore important to cleanse your energy at the end of each day.

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expand your heart and send out love

What you receive is a reflection of what you send out. When you expand your heart and send out the high vibration of love, in return you'll attract similar high vibrational and positive energy to you.

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feel your emotions, release & cleanse

When you experience a lower emotion it's important not to sweep it under the carpet, rather bring it to your awareness so you can release it and cleanse your energy in a healthy way.

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send love to places & people in need

The energy and vibration of love can raise the lowered vibration of any place or collective of people currently living in terror, fear, or experiencing hatred towards them. Note: this is a charitable meditation