meditation ~ expand your heart and send out love

expand your heart and send out love

When it comes to energy, like attracts like. It's the Law of Attraction. What this translates into is: what you send out will be reflected and attracted back to you.

This means that when you send out love, high vibrations of love, and similar high vibrations, will be reflected back to you. Your energetic body always attracts energies and vibrations that are of a similar level.

When we talk about love, we focus on our heart centre, our heart chakra. By seeing, feeling, sensing your heart centre expand, your capacity to open, share and spread love increases. And, in return, your capacity to be open and receive love also increases.

In this beautiful guided meditation you will focus on expanding your heart centre so love flows from it, touching the lives of those around you and far beyond.

Music courtesy of Moby    Duration: 13.37