meditation ~ release the weights & burdens of others

release the weights & burdens of others

When you're a caring human being, when you're a sensitive soul or an empath, there is a tendency to carry the negative emotions, feelings, fears, beliefs of those around you; weights and burdens that are not your own.

If we do not release these weights and burdens, if we do not tend to our own energy and vibration, these weights and burdens can pull us under and hold us back.

In this guided meditation, with the help of the Archangels of healing, Raphael, and love, Chamuel, we return to our true self, our true essence, free from the weights and burdens we have taken on from those around us, from the collective.

By passing our burdens onto the angels, we can be released, freed, and feel lighter in ourselves.

Music courtesy of Moby    Duration: 19.35