chakra healing


Hey lovely soul...

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After I listened to the angels' constant 'plea' to start meditating (read about it in my blogpost here) and started to meditate, I found that 'things were happening'.

First up my I noticed that one (or both) of my hands would sometimes rise and/or move. It was similar to when I was under hypnosis. I was aware of my hands rising and could place them back on my lap easily, but they would just keep rising.

One of the times my hands moved, I realised they were writing a message. If you want to read about that experience, head on over my my blogpost "10000", here.

On another occasion, as I was meditating while lying on my bed, my hands began to rise and move. As always, I didn't force them nor did I try to stop them. I just opened my mind and myself up to see what message my hands were giving me.

On this occasion, I received a chakra healing/cleansing.

I started meditating with my hands laying gently on my thighs and, slowly, I could feel both of them rise a little above my body and then gently and drift towards my face.

When they reached my chest area, my heat chakra, they stopped moving and hovered for a while as I could feel warmth and energy radiating from them towards my chest/heart chakra. After a few moments, I could feel them moving again and this time they headed towards my throat chakra.

The same thing happened, they hovered above my throat chakra for a short while as I felt the warmth radiate from them and then they moved up to my third eye and finally to my crown chakra.

After my hands had finished hovering over my crown chakra they then started to move further down my body and stopped at my chest area/heart chakra again. Again I could feel warmth radiate from my hands towards my chest.

After a few moments, they began to move down my body and they stopped at my solar plexus where they repeated their ritual before moving on to my sacral and root chakra and finally coming to rest on my legs, where they started.

The feeling of warmth that radiated from my hands as they gently hovered over each chakra was beautiful. Whilst my hands have moved during meditation since, they have never repeated this chakra healing/cleansing. But then again, I do often do it myself, consciously. So perhaps there's no need for me to repeat this ritual while I meditate.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx