message of healing


Hey lovely soul...

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I never know what guidance, what advice the angels want someone to hear, even when I know the person I'm reading for.

And so was the case with a friend's daughter.

As I find in most cases, people are keen to know what kind of messages they'll receive. Will it be good news or bad? Will it be something they don't want to hear or something they do want to hear?

The angels know only love and positivity so the messages, the guidance, the advice that they share will always be positive and from a place of love. The angels want to help you when you're faced with an obstacle. They want to guide you when you're not sure which path to follow. They want to give you gentle nudges when you're feeling stuck.

They're here to support and encourage you through life.

The lady I was reading for was looking for guidance with regards to her health. She had been struggling with the same issue for a long while and didn't seem to be getting any relief. It just felt, to her, that no-one was able to help her.

The angels gave her loving support and guidance throughout her reading. On each and every card drawn there was a symbol of a bird and that was the symbol that she was drawn to each time.

Birds in angel cards signifiy freedom, surmounting challenges, and seeing things from a higher perspective.

With regards to her health issues I felt the angels were advising her to take a step back and look at the situation from a higher and different perspective, flying above rather than "not seeing the wood for the trees". And by doing so a solution would come to hand.

The final card she received about her health, I felt, was the most poignant. The card was titled "Giving Birth". At first sight it seemed totally irrelevant but giving birth is all about bringing new energy, something new into the world or the situation. And as I explained this to her she told me that she had been referred to a new consultant in the coming week. It seemed to me that the energy of her health situation had changed and new, fresh energy was being brought into the situation which would breathe new life into it.

It was the message she needed to hear. The road she had traveled with regards to her health had seemed never-ending. However she had also felt herself that the new consultant would bring in new energy, see things from a different perspective, and would be able to help her.

The angels had given her the hope and positivity she needed to step forward.

And that's what angel card readings are all about. Through the messages delivered in the cards, the angels give you gentle guidance, loving reassurance, and caring support.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx