a bunny and feathers


Hey lovely soul...

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Strange combination, right?

Not to me.

As I mentioned in my "Bunnies" post, my angel sign when I'm out walking and hiking at the weekend is a bunny.

That bunny can come to me in many different forms but, always, before I finish my walk I'm pretty much guaranteed to cross paths with a bunny.

And so was the case yesterday too. Yesterday's bunny arrived at the very end of my walk, literally minutes before I arrived at the train station. And yesterday's bunny was graffiti art on the wall of the underground passage leading to the train station.

So why write about it? You probably know by now that when I'm out at the weekend the angels bless me with my chosen symbol to let me know they're with me and supporting me.

Well, you see, yesterday I did something different. As I started my walk I said to the angels "today I'd like to see feathers".

Now when you think about it feathers are a super easy symbol to have, especially when you're walking in nature. When you see a bird fly by, that's feathers. When you hear a bird's song, that's also symbolises feathers.

However I had asked to "see" feathers.

Now... before I go further, there's something I want to say. When you're choosing an angel symbol you can't put conditions around it. Like my bunny symbol, I have to be open minded because the angels can show me a bunny in many different forms (as I learned a while back and shared my lesson in my post "That's Not A Sign!")

So although I said to the angels " I want to see feathers" yesterday at the start of my hike, I still remained grateful when I heard a bird sing or saw a bird fly by.

It wasn't until the end of my hike (or so i thought at the time) that the angels literally showed me a feather. As I was walking down the underground passage to the train station, there on the floor lay a feather.

But here's the thing... this is what made the moment and the sign more poignant to me. The feather was lying on the ground almost directly below the graffiti bunny sign. At the time I didn't conect the two (hence the reason for separate photos rather than capturing the closeness of each on a single photo) Looking back now and connecting them, it feels like the angels were giving me both my signs together: "I know you asked for feathers, and here it is, but you should always get your bunny sign too, so here it is also."

And there's more.

Everytime I heard a bird sing or I saw a bird fly, remembering the symbol I'd chosen for the day, I smiled and felt grateful for the angels in my life. I had asked for feathers and they supplied them abundantly.

But, along my hike, I actually (mentally) missed another feather sign! I was so caught up in hearing birds sing and seeing birds fly (that's how I expected my sign) that, even though I took a photo, I didn't, not even for a millisecond, connect the chicks and their fluffy Mum that I walked past in one of the villages on my way! Staring me right in the face were feathers and my mind missed them (thankfully they were so cute I had to take a photo!)

And that has taught me something more about signs and angel symbols: the angels are giving us so many more symbols and signs than our mind is picking up.

We either think we know how we'll see a sign and close ourselves off to seeing it in other forms or we become distracted and miss the many signs the angels are giving us. I learned the first part of this lesson a while ago. And yesterday I learned the second part.

And that makes me feel so loved and so special. Because I know that the angels are giving me more signs and symbols than my mind can pick up. I know that they are even closer to me, by me, with me than my mind can ever imagine.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx