that's not a sign


Hey lovely soul...

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I talked in an earlier blogpost about signs and symbols, and how I had chosen my own personal sign: a bunny.

Everytime we go out a walk/hike at the weekend, my husband and I are always on the lookout for my bunny sign. It's almost like a game we play and it feels like the angels enjoy playing along too as they've provided us with a bunny sign, each and every time, in so many different, and unexpected, forms.

But there was one time that will also stay in my memory. And which I can look back and giggle about.

It was the one time that I doubted that the sign we saw was the right sign.

It was a late Autumn Sunday with a mix of weather - sometimes sunny, sometimes a bit dull - but we wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air on our faces and just be in nature.

So we headed out for a walk along the Sempachersee lake. It was brisk day, the air was fresh and there were a lot of people making the most of the dry weather and enjoying a stroll along the lake.

I always enjoy walking in Switzerland because every one greets you cheerfully with a "Grüezi" ("Hello") whether they know you or not... it's just such a friendly atmosphere.

At the end of our walk we dandered into the old town of Sursee as we heard it was quite a pretty town. By this time, nearing the end of our walk, we hadn't yet seen our bunny sign. So I thought that, perhaps for the first time, we weren't going to see it.

Then, whilst we dandered through the town, looking in shop windows and admiring the old buildings, my husband said to me "There's your bunny". He was pointing into the window of a children's shop and there in the middle of the display sat a little cuddly bunny.

But I didn't agree.

I felt that that couldn't be my sign because it was just too easy and too obvious - a bunny in a children's shop. So I dismissed it and we continued on.

Shortly afterwards we were running to catch the train and I was feeling a bit despondent because for the first time I felt I hadn't received my bunny sign. I still didn't think the tiny bunny in the shop window was a proper sign.

And then... just before we reached the train station, I stopped. And I giggled as I pointed over to what was standing on the other side of the road. There stood a sign pointing into a cafe and the sign was in the shape of a bunny... a bunny about 1.5 metres high!

The message that instantly popped into my head was "You want a sign? Here's a sign!"

It felt like the angels were teaching me a very valuable lesson. It felt like they were telling me not to dismiss any sign they sent me just because I thought it was too small or too easy. It felt like they were telling me to stop thinking too much into something and letting my logical brain get in the way. A sign is a sign.

And I've taken that lesson onboard. Ever since, no matter how small or how easily I find a bunny sign, I always say a grateful "thank you" to my angels.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx