message from archangel michael


Hey lovely soul...

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During a recent meditation and attunement with Archangel Michael, I received a truly special message that I feel is not for me only, but a message that I am being invited to share with anyone who is open to receive it.

The message came in two ways, during two different occasions. In both messages there was an underlying theme and the presence of a white horse.

The first clairvoyant visual I received was one where I was on the back of a great white horse, galloping. The wind was blowing my hair backwards as I was galloping through fields and meadows. There was such a feeling of freedom.

When I asked Archangel Michael what the message was behind this visual, I was instantly taken into a very dark room where my hands were locked in wooden colonial-style restraining contraption - like the wooden stocks they used to lock up someone's feet when they'd committed a crime... only it was my hands that were locked up.

When I saw myself restrained in this dark room, I instinctively asked Archangel Michael to release me, cut away the restraints that were holding me, and invite light back into the room.

As soon as my thoughts turned to Archangel Michael and I asked for his help, I was instantly returned to my white horse, on which I could ride away to freedom, free from any shackles that were restraining me.

Archangel Michael is the cord-cutting angel. When we feel energetically tied, unable to move forward, or dragged down by an experience, person, situation, or place, Archangel Michael can step in and cutt the cords that keep us connected to that which no longr serves us. He is the archangel with the mighty sword who can cut through anything, no matter how strong the attachment may be to us, and let us run free and unhindered.

The second time I received a clairvoyant message from Archangel Michael which involved my galloping on the back of a beautiful white horse, the message was similar.

This time as I was riding on the back of the white horse, we came to a marsh-like place filled with red clay. I had no other choice but to encourage the hore to carefully walk through this red clay if I wanted to keep moving forwards.

As the horse stepped into the red clay, it came up to his knee. It was thick, it was sticky and it was difficult to wade through.

However, we persevered and when we got safely to the other side, we were awarded with beautiful and abundant lush green pastures.

Again Archangel Michael had a message for me which I feel the need to share with you, through this visual experience.

As we travel our path, we will come upon challenges and obstacles. If we have the desire to continue forwards towards growth and our destination, then we have to find a way through (or round, where possible) such challenges and obstacles.

When we invite Archangel Michael into our daily life, it doesn't mean we'll become immune and protected from such obstacles and challenges, but it does mean that he will keep us safe, guide us, protect us, and give us the strength to wade through those obstacles and challenges. And when we trust in his help and guidance, we shall be awarded with growth, beauty, expansion and freedom.

I received both these messages from Archangel Michael during a meditation and attunement session I had with him. The messages spoke strongly to me, but I also felt that they were not mine, alone, to keep; that Archangel Michael wanted me to share them with you to demonstrate, in terms we can easily comprehend, how he can help us through life and along our life path.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx