bobo's orb

I often see orbs when I'm video-chatting with someone. 

What orbs are, are little balls of light that 'fly' across the screen.

They aren't dissimilar to specks of dust but what differentiates an orb from a speck of dust is that the orb tends to move in an unusual direction (maybe zig-zagging) or at a faster speed than a speck of dust.

I started seeing orbs when I began working with the angels. And once I started seeing them they have appeared numerous times, most often when I'm on a 1-1 call with my energy and spiritual mentor.

When I see orbs I always say "thank you" to the angels and my spirit guides who have shown me their presence as, for me, it's a sign that I am fully supported by them. And I find comfort when I see them.

Whilst all orbs are special and I'm truly grateful when I see them, there was one orb in particular that really made my heart sing.

I had spent the morning taking videos of our bunnies, Forrest and Bobo, that I could share as part of my weekly Friday #bunnycam post on Facebook. As I was watching through them all, deciding which ones I could share, I came across the video of Bobo drinking his water.

As I watched the video my eyes could not believe what I was seeing. A second or two after Bobo started drinking, an orb traveled in front of his face. This time it wasn't the usual ball of light that I'm used to seeing. This time it was like a stream of smoke traveling from left to right at speed, before disappearing. I watched and rewatched the video and, yes, it was definitely an orb.

And that was truly special for me.

You see, although an incredibly happy bunny with a real zest for life, Bobo is also an incredibly sensitive bunny who carries a lot of fears. He doesn't like small spaces, he doesn't like being touched, and when he goes to drink his water it takes him a while to 'build up his courage' as he sits in front of his water bowl before he'll start drinking. And when he drinks, he'll drink loads so he doesn't have to drink too often.

When I see Bobo in front of his water bowl, getting ready to drink, I often think he's saying a little prayer of gratitude for his water because it takes him a while before he can bring himself to place his mouth in the water.

And that's why it felt so special to see an orb travel across his face as he drank. It reminded me that animals also have angels and spirit guides supporting them and to see one present during an experience that Bobo finds quite difficult, was truly very special.

If you click the video above, you'll see the orb traveling in front of Bobo from left to right like a fast-moving cloud of smoke, before it vanishes. It's fast... so you may have to watch the video a few times to catch it. But I've purposely shortened the video to the bare essentials to make it easier to see the orb.

Viv xx