my mucker


Hey lovely soul...

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When I first started meditating I only used guided meditations because I found that being still and quietening my very busy mind was simply too hard for me. With guided meditations my mind seemed to relax more as I had someone's voice to listen to and focus on which would lead you gently into a meditation with music.

It was during one of my first guided meditations that something very special happened to me; I was introduced to an Archangel who was already playing a very important role in my life.

I was visiting family and friends in my brith country, Northern Ireland, and had booked myself a crystal healing. It had been years since I'd had a crystal healing and as I was really beginning to focus on introducing more self-care into my daily life, I thought it about time to treat myself and my energy.

I  was feeling pretty excited as I headed for my appointment. The last crystal healing I had had (many years ago) was such a beautiful experience so I was looking forward to receiving, hopefully, a similar experience. Little did I know what was about to happen.

After the crystals had been placed around my body as I lay on the massage-type table, the lady started to take me through a guided meditation. She took me into a forest where I would be introduced to some Archangels.

As I entered the forest, I felt very much at peace. Often guided meditations invite you to visit a safe place where you feel comfortable and 'at home'. For me this safe place has always been an opening, like a meadow, in the midst of a  forest - a break in the trees where the grass is long, the sun is warm and there are bluebells everywhere (a flower I associate with my Nanny, my maternal grandmother).

Today, during my guided meditation/visualisation I would be 'meeting' Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel.

As I entered my safe place, I could see, in the near distance, a circle of people standing as if waiting for me to join. In the meditation the lady invited Archangel Raphael to step forward.

As soon as she said this I could feel someone standing beside me in the forest opening, someone standing on my immediate left side. He placed his arm around my shoulder as you would your best friend, and I heard the words "'right Mucker"... yeah, I know. Not quite the words you'd expect to hear an Archangel say.

But it made sense.

Because, although I knew the word 'Mucker' (a very informal British word and slang for 'friend') it's a word I would never use when I speak. Which confirmed to me it wasn't my own inner voice talking. Archangel Raphael had chosen a word I would understand but one I would never personally use to give me the confidence to believe that it was him I was hearing... not my imagination. And it also meant that this first close experience of Archangel Raphael would be a memory that I would forever hold dear.

After that, everything kind of paled away into the background. I remember moving on to meet beautiful, caring and loving Archangel Ariel who wrapped her arms around me in a loving hug. But nothing, nothing quite felt as special as meeting my friend and 'mucker' Archangel Raphael.

Since I have started working with the angels, started (trying) to feel their presence, started meditating and talking to the angels, started receiving (and giving) messages through Angel Oracle Cards, Archangel Raphael has always been the Archangel I have turned to and felt drawn to. Probably because I have some personal health issues I want healed and because one of our adopted bunnies, Forrest, tends to also have some health issues that I often call upon Archangel Raphael for healing. So Archangel Raphael plays a very important role and has a very regular presence in our family.

To be the first Archangel I would meet was poignant and truly very special.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx