message from archangel ariel


Hey lovely soul...

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When I attune with the archangels it isn't something I do as a one-off thing. Rather it's something I do over a period of time because it's just like getting to know someone. When you first meet, you may feel a connection but it's only by meeting more regularly that you get to know someone and can begin to call them your friend.

When I attune to an archangel the first time, I may clairvoyantly see how they present themselves to me, I may receive guidance and a personal message. However, when I continue to attune to their energy over a period of time and begin to work with them more regularly, then the messages and guidance I receive are often clearer and often for more than just for my own personal development and use.

And so has been the case with Archangel Ariel and a very timely message she passed onto me.

Archangel Ariel's name means "the lioness of God". She is aligned to the animal kingdom and can also bring our own root, animal instincts to the fore.

She is known as a peaceful warrior and will help us speak our truth, act our truth and follow our truth, in a strong and determined yet peaceful and loving way. At times when we, perhaps, struggle to say how we feel for fear of hurting another's feelings, at times when we, perhaps, have held back on what we really wanted to do because it wasn't in line with, for example, family beliefs or values, Archangel Ariel, when called upon, will give us the strength to follow our conviction in a loving, non-confrontational way.

She helps and encourages us to dive deep within ourselves and uncover our true self. In doing so, she supports us as we step forward to grow into the person we truly are, without feeling the need to conform to familial or societal demands. When we make those steps in our own life, we will also be showing others around us what's possible, inspiring them to take their own steps toward true growth and authenticity.

It was with this understanding that Archangel Ariel passed on a message to me to share with you today.

When Archangel Ariel first introduced herself to me, she personified herself as a strong African Tribal Queen, clothed in a bright yellow and orange, full-length dashiki-like dress. She held her arms out to her sides, horizontal to her shoulders, lifting her dashiki out wide and full so I could see the glory of its colour. In her left hand she held a wooden staff and by her side was a lioness. Her feet were bare.

On the first occasion I met Archangel Ariel, she brought with her two spirit animal guides for me; animals that were mighty and majestic. On this later occasion, when she wished me to pass on her message which I am now sharing with you, I was shocked by the animal that joined her.

Standing by her feet was a tiny, humble mouse.

Going from the presence of this strong and beautiful peaceful Tribal Queen with her lioness and my two majestic spirit animals to a strong and beautiful Tribal Queen with her lioness and a tiny little mouse, was somewhat of a shock. And I felt a bit confused by the mouse's presence until Archangel Ariel began to share her message to me.

She showed me a picture of something I remember from childhood. It was a picture of a huge elephant frightened of a tiny mouse. Whether this is factually correct and elephants are afraid of mice, I don't know and, quite honestly, it doesn't matter. It's the message behind the image that's important.

And that message was that no matter how small you think you may be, no matter how insignificant you might feel you are, you have a much bigger impact than you'll ever know.

The message, timely and by no means coincidental, came the day after I had had a short, friendly discussion with a friend about dairy cows.

Like me, my friend has a great love and respect for all animals. She had shared a video on her social media profile that was truthful, eye-opening and heartbreaking. In response to her post I made a comment saying I had written a blogpost containing a hard-hitting message I received from the very gentle and loving angel, Archangel Raphael, encouraging us to change our views on meat and attitudes towards animals.

She agreed that change is a necessary step forward and that, although we can all make our own individual choices and decisions, to really make a difference the government is the body that needs to drive change. She ended by saying that she had faith that the next generation could be counted on to bring about the change we need.

I know my friend is a conscious and caring person who follows her heart and personal values, especially when it comes to animals. I know she carries the same regard and respect for the non-human sentient beings we share this planet with, as I do.

However, her comment about needing the government to create change and having faith in, and couting on, the next generation sent firecrakers off in my head because this is exactly what I have written about in previous blogposts, such as "it starts with you", "the 'hello' ripple effect" and "the armchair activist" - feeling paralysed to take action because you feel you're too small an individual to generate the change that's needed. "How can little me change the world?" Or failing to take action because you're waiting for others to take action or create new policies on your behalf, instead.

This blogpost is for my friend and for anyone else out there who is making conscious decisions that make our world a better place; decisions that create more respect and love for the sentient beings who live among us. Archangel Ariel's message is for my friend and for the many like her who choose from their heart and from a place of love. As individuals we may be small but we are also very mighty. If a tiny mouse has the ability to frighten a huge elephant, our tiny choices and decisions have the ability to raise our collective consciousness, open the eyes of those around us, and inspire others to take action also.

If we wait for the government to create new policies it'll be too late. Governments tend to do what's right for the majority and that, often, means staying onboard with profit-making and large industries, no matter how destructive their current actions may be or how cruel their treatment is to other sentient beings.

If we pass the pressure of expectation onto the next generation, they'll crumble under the pressure. Sure, as we see with young adults like Greta Thunberg, the next generation is more awakened than ours or the previous, but don't forget that our generation is more awakened than the previous and how far have we come in helping our planet and showing respect and love to the sentient beings who live amongst us?

Your individual choices and decisions create a greater impact than you can see or appreciate. Your behaviour will influence and inspire those around you. Your voice will touch the hearts of those close to you. You have a power to change. Don't underestimate that.

Heed Archangel Ariel's message to us today. Make choices and decisions that you know are better for your body, better for those we share this planet with, better for Mother Earth, herself. Be that tiny mouse with his mighty impact.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx