message from archangel raphael


Hey lovely soul...

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You could say Archangel Raphael is my 'go-to' angel. He's the angel I feel most affiliated with and the one I turn to the most.

Archangel Raphael's name is of Hebrew origin and carries the meaning "God heals". I, personally, like to refer to Archangel Raphael as Heaven's Physician, and have called on him numerous times for help with personal healing, for when my bunnies (or other animals who cross my path) are ill, and when clients need healing in any form, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Being the archangel I turn to the most and have worked with the most, he was the first Archangel to present himself to me during a meditation some time ago.

Recently during a meditation and attunement I received an unexpected and hard-hitting message, delivered by Archangel Raphael in his gentle manner. At first I was a little confused by the message as it didn't seem to be the type of message that would be attributed to Archangel Raphael as, on the surface, it didn't seem to relate to healing.

However, after some contemplation, I realised that it was about healing; it was about the healing of the human spirit and respect for the sentient beings we share this planet with.

The archangel associated with healing, Archangel Raphael, is also associated with bringing peace and unity to earth, especially when he teams up with Mother Mary. And the message I received from him, I now know, is one of healing which goes far beyond personal healing.

This is the clairvoyant message I received from Archangel Raphael. I have to be honest, it's not an easy message to share as it is really hard-hitting and, some might say, too controversial. But I feel it's an important message to share, one that speaks to my heart and one that is in tune with my personal values and, so, I'm stepping up and sharing it here today.

As I was meditating I saw a meadow where lambs were with their mothers. The grass was green, the lambs were frolicking and playing as their mothers quietly and peacefully chewed on the grass. It was a truly beautiful scene from nature.

But just as I was admiring the scene, it changed. Suddenly I found myself looking into a dark place where animals were crowded together. I can't say for sure what this place was; a battery farm or a slaughterhouse? The energy was dense and dark just like the place itself.

As I watched the scene, I saw young calves being pulled away and separated from their mums. I didn't hear any noises, thankfully, but I did feel such distress watching the scene. It felt unbearably cruel to me.

And then the phrase "love all animals, especially the young ones" came into my head.

The message I received was a call for respect for all animals, but especially for the young. To treat all animals with the same respect we would treat any sentient being, be it human or non-human. And to, certainly, not take the life of any sentient being for granted or lightly, for all sentient beings have the right to live full and abundant lives.

The message I received was that whilst we consume the heavy and dense vibration of death when we eat the meat of an animal, we take on so much more dense and heavy energy when we consume the meat of a young animal such as a lamb or calf. Not only do we take on the vibration and energy of death/killing when we eat the meat of a young animal, but we also take on the pain from both the mother and lamb or calf having been separated.

To create a true and close connection with the angels and all positive energies, we should aim to raise our vibration to meet theirs. Whilst we can never, as regular humans, achieve the same vibration as the angels, being in a high vibration enables us to better connect and receive guidance from them. There are many ways to raise our vibration such as expressing gratitude, thinking of someone (or pet) we truly, deeply love, or even through music and singing. However, while we continue to consume the heavy and dense vibration of death/killing linked to animal meat, we will never be able to raise our vibration as high as is possible.

At present there are many people awakening on our planet, raising their vibrations so they can connect with the angels and spread their guidance and messages to others so we can help heal and awaken humans as a whole and take strides forward to help and heal our ailing planet. More and more humans are beginning to understand and appreciate that the non-humans we share this planet with, are sentient beings; they have feelings, they communicate with each other, and they hurt... just like us.

Today Archangel Raphael is inviting you to take your place amongst these humans, to awaken, so you can heal our own personal and collective human vibration, help and heal our ailing planet, and find love and respect for the non-human sentient beings we share our home, earth, with.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx