my year ahead


Hey lovely soul...

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You may have read in an earlier blogpost I wrote that when it comes to reading my own angel cards, I tend to turn to other professional angel card readers rather than read for myself because I find I tend to 'get in my own way' when I'm reading for myself. Don't get me wrong I do regularly read for myself but when it comes to times when I need unbiased advice from a fresh perspective, I turn to a fellow professional.

However, at the start of the new year I was wanting to receive a collective message of guidance from all the energies that surround me and love me, everyday. Energies such as the angelic realm, past-life guardians, ancestors and even Mother Earth herself. And I did not know of anyone who offered such an angel card reading. So I decided to open myself up and see what advice and guidance I would receive.

And it resulted in a 5-card reading which made total and absolute sense to where I am now and where I, too, foresee my year ahead going.

This is, briefly, how it went:

message from my higher self

Stepping into Stillness: "My power is born in the majesty of silence"

My interpretation: This year is less about the masculine energy of doign and more about the feminine energy of being; connecting with the angels, with my higher self, with the spirit realm and all who lovingly guide and support me.

It's about quiet time, meditation and inward focus.

message from the angelic realm

Opening to Love: "My heart is open"

My interpretation: It's time to fully open my heart to the love and guidance from the angelic realm. This card has a lot of symbolism and colour which points to communication and emotion. This year it's time to openly talk and share with the angels. Don't keep things 'hidden' for whatever reason, becuase the angels are here to guide and support me through everything and anything.

message from mother earth

Rising Above: "I see only beauty and grace"

My interpretation: There's a lot of pink (compassion) and yellow (optimism, self-belief, positivity) catching my eye on this card.

Through meditation, through looking within, through connecting with the angels and all who wish to guide and support me, I can rise above the challenges that have been keeping me small.

message from master guides & past life guardians

Igniting Courage: "I ma strong, valiant and courageous"

My interpretation: There may be obstacles in my path but I have the ability to easily leap over them with the support and guidance of those in the spirit world, should and when I choose to. And now is that time.

message from my ancestors

Flying Free: "I unfirl my wings and fly!"

My interpretation: he purple (angelic connection) and white dove (Source energy and peacefulness) capture my attention on this card. Now's the time to fully connect to the angels, my spirit guides and those energies who wish to support and guide me, to fully surrender to their guidance, cut myself free from whatever may be holding me down and fly free.

I am amazed, but not surprised, at just how much I relate to the guidance and the messages that have been shared with me. It has given me the support I needed, it's given me the comfort that I know I truly am supported and guided, it's given me the courage and strength to keep striding forward, and it's given me the reassurance I longed for.

And that's exactly what I want for you too.

And, so, I invite you to receive the guidance, messages and support from your team in this very special offer of a 5-card reading for 2020. This offer will only be available for the month of January.

This is your year, lovely soul. This is your year to shine your light, to change and grow, to believe in why your soul has chosen this life.

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