my own angel card reading


Hey lovely soul...

... before you read about my own personal ange card reading, I just wanted to invite you to a free remote 1-question angel card reading.

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When it comes to giving myself an angel card reading, well... let's just say it's nowhere near on par with the readings I give to my clients. Because when I read for myself I'm too much in my own way.

So when I'm truly looking for guidance from the angels through an angel card reading, I often turn outside to another angel card reader for support. It's just how it is.

It doesn't mean I don't pull cards for myself regularly, it just means the interpretation I receive, from myself to myself, is nowhere near as detailed or intricate as the guidance I share with my clients.

And so, it came as a bit of a surprise to me recently when I received my own personal angel card reading through a meditation.

I'd had an energy session with my mentor and we were ending the session, as always, with an energy meditation.

When I entered into the meditation I asked my angels and spirit guides to show me what they wanted me to receive. Normally when I do a guided meditation my mind drifts away. Sometimes it gets distracted by my suddenly urgent to-do list (I know... nobody's perfect), sometimes I can relax and just let things go... it all depends. This time, however, I felt drawn to invite the angels and my spirit guides to actively show me what I needed to receive and when they did, it came in the form of my very own angel card reading.

Everything was exactly how I read and interpret cards with my clients only it felt like the guidance and interpretation was coming from the angels, not me. It felt like I was the client and the angels were reading for me.

First I had the sense of the colour purple and then saw this block of purple before my eyes. Next I knew a bright yellow was starting to appear, followed by a beautiful rainbow.

It was everything I ask my clients to do in an angel card reading: "tell me what's standing out for you on the card" only, for me, there was no card just the colours and symbols appearing as if I was highlighting them for my angels ( aka my personal angel card reader) to interpret.

And everything I saw had significance and was apt to what my energy session had all been about. The purple of angelic connection, the yellow of success and prosperity, the rainbow for blessings and expecting miracles. Then came the Eye of Horus... I knew I'd have to look that one up as my knowledge about ancient Egyptian deities is not top notch. However, it wasn't difficult to find what I needed to read about Horus because I remembered that I had given a free group reading which related to Horus some time ago. So I quickly checked out that angel message in my angel library and, again, the interpretation made so much sense.

As the meditation was coming to a close I saw a dark blue, the colour of strength, which slowly morphed into indigo, which kind of summed up my experience beautifully - indigo being the colour of clairvoyance.

The experience was truly special for me because not only did I experience an angel card reading from the perspective of my own clients but the angels were clearly wanting me to receive a very important message and, as angels do, they gave it to me in a way that would feel comfortable and which I could easily interpret and understand.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx