the pieces of the jigsaw

It's a funny old world, lovely soul.

There are times when I consciously tune into my intuition for guidance and then there are times when I'm being unconsciously guided. It's those times when I'm being unconsciously guided, when I'm not questioning the steps I'm taking simply because they feel right, that everything flows easily.

Other times when I'm questioning my intuition and wondering if I'm taking the right steps, everything feels a bit more like wading through treacle. Do you feel the same?

It's only been recently that a lot of the pieces of my guided jigsaw have started to fall into place. There have been decisions and choices I was constantly making, which I thought were my own but which I now know were guided decisions and choices. And there have been changes I have made which I haven't been sure were the right changes and was questioning the guidance I felt I was receiving only to realise, now, why everything has happened.

Let me take you through a couple of the most recent pieces of my jigsaw puzzle.

As we appproached the start of the new year I felt very drawn to the word "change" and it became "my word for the year". In past years I've struggled to find a word for my pending year and ended up giving up on the concept because I was getting myself in such a twist, searching for the perfect word. Just before this year began the word found me, quite unexpectedly. It simply started showing up, literally, in my everyday life. I'd be reading a book and the word "change" would jump out of the page. When I spoke to friends and family, the conversation inevitably moved towards one about change. I'd hear the word spoken by strangers, randomly, as I passed them or see it pop up on my social media feed etc. And when I took on the mantle of change, even though I wasn't exactly sure how that would look and play out practically, it felt like it fitted.

Since accepting that word into my life, my life has changed in a number of ways, proving to me that this year is and will be all about change.

Towards the beginning of the year, I felt very drawn to changing my diet. Even though I'd put on some extra kilos over the winter period, my decision to change my diet and eating patterns were not weight-focused. My desire was to feel healthy inside and walk a better journey towards healing my body from the imbalances and dis-eases I have acquired over the years. So I didn't refer to my change in eating as a diet or as a detox, because, to me, those felt like temporary words. What I was feeling drawn towards was a longer-lasting change. And so I didn't give it a name or a label, I just decided to begin and begin I did. That was over 2 months ago now. And even before the end of the first week, as I was out walking, I felt 'healthy inside' (a concept I struggle to explain to people).

My new eating pattern has become a new lifestyle that I thoroughly enjoy. It is a simple lifestyle consisting of juicing and souping six days a week and eating 'normal' food on the seventh day. It hasn't come as a challenge, possibly because I didn't label it as a diet or detox but most likely because my body and mind were in tune and ready for this positive change.

And I believe it's timing hasn't been coincidental. With coronavirus moving through every country in the planet, I fell into two 'disadvantaged' camps - someone with a lowered immune system due to an auto-immune disease and someone with diabetes. Since my lifestyle and eating change, my diabetes (though never severe) has come under control and stabilised so I no longer take the tablets linked to that dis-ease that I had to take in the past. And since my lifestyle and eating change, I've had a colonoscopy which has shown a significant reduction in the inflammation in my colon and, as a result, have now come completely off one of my immuno-suppressor drugs, meaning my immune system is not as weakened as it had been. With so much healthy, live food going into my body, my health has improved and now, with coronavirus leaving its mark worldwide, I know my body (and mindset) is in a better place to take on any health challenge that may come my way.

In the last month or so, I also felt drawn to change the services I offer my clients. This change didn't come naturally and was met with a lot of resistance, primarily fear. What I felt drawn to offer are much longer (and therefore more expensive) 1-1 sessions with clients as I felt the shorter sessions weren't offering enough and there was room for improvement and potential for growth, for both my clients and me.  But I resisted the change with every bone in my body for weeks, refusing to put it in place because I was scared that I would scare off potential clients, I would lose any current clients I had, and, indeed, would I even be good enough to hold space and energy for a client for a longer period of time?

As I accepted that this was the right move and a necessary change, and I started creating my services in the background getting ready to publish them, I started working with a friend, on a totally different and unrelated matter, and she picked up on something that was missing, something that was the driving force behind this change, something I hadn't quite seen. She picked up on the need and desire of people to find their soul purpose and walk their soul path. Indeed, it was something I was excited about too as I feel I am now walking my soul path. It was something I had eluded to when I had written the copy for my new services, but it wasn't, yet, something I had made centre-stage, until my friend picked up on it. Even though I knew how right my friend was, I felt some resistance. Being so niche and so open that this is what I wanted to do and these were the kind of clients I wanted to attract, was frightening. But, as I have been doing more and more recently, I bit the bullet and changed my copy to become more clear that helping clients find their soul purpose and helping them walk their soul path was my driving force.

And the second I did that and published it, making it public, it felt right. It felt that another part of the jigsaw I've been building over the years had slotted into place.

And, again, it hasn't felt like the timing has been coincidental. Again, with the arrival of the coronavirus, I began reading articles about people being encouraged to look inward to question their purpose and the role they're here to play on earth at this specific time, to make choices and decisions that are more in alignment with their soul and soul purpose, to make choices and decisions that will keep their vibration high so they can elevate their awareness. In essence the articles I read were totally confirming the changes I had just made in the services I offer my clients. It felt like a nod from the Universe and the angels that I had, indeed, followed their guidance and picked up on the breadcrumbs they'd been placing in my path.

These are just a few pieces of the jigsaw that is my life, a jigsaw I've been consciously building for a few years now. And, although I was consciously putting pieces into place, I couldn't see the full picture that was being created before me. As I write this blogpost today, I still can't see the full picture, nor do I feel I need to, but one part of the picture has suddenly appeared before me in full colour and I can now get a glimpse of what might be lying ahead of me.

If you are wanting to piece together the jigsaw of your life, soul purpose and journey, I, with the support of the angels and your spirit team, can help you.

Step by step we can support and guide you along your soul path, as obstacles arise we can help guide you round (or over) them, and as new pieces of your jigsaw appear, we can slot them into the right place together. Bit by bit, as you follow the guidance leading you along your soul path to your soul purpose, you'll catch glimpses of the picture being created by your own personal  jigsaw, just like I have. You don't need to see the whole picture, the glimpses are enough to keep you moving forward with passion and enthusiasm, knowing you are truly being guided and supported.

So, if you are wanting to piece together the jigsaw of your life, soul purpose and journey, then click here to find out how we can work together.

Viv xx