dancing with the angels


Hey lovely soul...

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When I was younger and studying at school, I would often do my homework while listening to music. I felt that music helped me to concentrate.

My Dad wasn't necessarily in agreement with me combining music with homework as he was concerned that I wouldn't be able to give the full attention I needed to my studies. But before stepping in to stop me listening to my music while I studied, he decided to first wait to see if my grades were affected in any way. Naturally I was oblivious to all this as I merrily bopped along to my favourite tunes while I wrote English essays and worked through maths problems.

When he saw that my grades remained consistent, he decided that there was no need to rock the boat and, without saying a word to me, allowed me to continue to study while listening to music.

Those were the days!

I'm not sure if it's been a result of past years of being an employee and working in a relatively quiet office where listening to music while working, albeit through earphones, was frowned upon... I did work in finance and (to some) there's nothing more serious or important than finance, after all. Or whether my focus has just changed and, possibly, diminished overtime whereby I find it easier to focus on only one thing at a time. Whatever the reason, I can no longer work and listen to music at the same time. Which I do find a shame as I would love to be sitting here writing this blogpost with some uplifting and happy music playing in the background.

But just because I can no longer listen to music and work at the same time, doesn't mean to say my love of music has died away. Music has always played an important role in my life.

When I was younger and unaware of just how sensitive I was, when I thought my feelings and how I was affected by life weren't normal or were an exaggerated figment of my imagination, I turned to music to escape. I would go to my bedroom and play whichever LP (that would be a vinyl record to those who aren't of a certain age) was my favourite at that time. And through the music, I would slowly release whatever had been building up inside of me.

I remember one summer in particular. I was volunteering at an elderly people's home as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award. In general I enjoyed my experience there as the staff were mostly welcoming and friendly. But there was one chore that I dreaded and that was when I had to help one of the residents, Mary, with her meals. She was frail and struggled to eat on her own so my job was to help her in whatever way I could. Although she was frail she had a bit of a temper and as I was feeding her she was constantly kicking my shin with her foot under the table... and it was painful. I was only in my mid-teens and didn't have much self-confidence so I didn't feel I could or should say anything. But everytime I knew I'd have to help Mary eat I got this feeling of dread inside of me. And the only way I could release that feeling and release the pain (emotional, mental and physical) that I felt, was to go into my bedroom after I got home and listen to my music. I would get lost in my music until all the pain, all the emotions had dissipated.

So, as you can imagine, music has always played an important role in my life, not to mention my sanity.

Today, although still important, music has taken much more of a back seat. As I mentioned above, I can no longer concentrate and write while I'm also listening to music. So I'm now accustomed to working in a very quiet environment. And there could be days go by when I don't listen to music.

But recently music has entered my life again through the angels.

When you listen to music, your vibration and frequency rises. And when your vibration and frequency is high, you can better connect in with the angels and feel them around you.

I first discovered this some time ago as I was making dinner in the kitchen before my husband came home. As I was chopping vegetables and preparing dinner I decided that it was just way too quiet, and I fancied a little music. So I turned on some upbeat and uplifting music. You know the kind where you can't help but dance to. And before I knew it, I was dancing around the kitchen.

As I danced, my vibration rose. And before too long I could feel goosebumps and tingles flowing all throughout my body. If you've read my blogposts "tingles" and "goosebumps" you'll know that when I feel these sensations I know the angels are close by me.

The more I danced, the more I felt happy and uplifted, and the more the tingles and goosebumps flowed through my body. It felt as if I wasn't dancing in my kitchen on my own, rather I was dancing in the company of angels. It felt both amazingly uplifting and beautifully tender at the same time. Not only did it feel like I was dancing with the angels, in my heart I knew I was dancing with them because there's nothing the angels enjoy more than seeing someone filled with joy and happiness, so much so they want to join in.

Dancing with the angels wasn't a one-off special moment. It's something that happens to me now all the time when I dance. I'll put on some happy music that makes me want to move and dance and then I'll say to the angels: "Are you going to dance with me today?" and inevitably, every time, I immediately start to feel waves of tingles and goosebumps flowing through my body.

It's lovely to know that, even though I'm married to a man who does not and will not dance... ever, I will never have to dance alone because I'll always have the angels with me.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx