Hey lovely soul...

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Not long after I started working with the angels, not long after I started inviting the angels to play a role in my life, I got the strangest sensation.

Here's the thing. Everyone who talks to, works with and even sees the angels, does so in their own personal and unique way because the angels will show themselves and make themselves felt in ways that each and every person can uniqueiy relate to and feel comfortable with.

And it's been no different for me.

Not long after I started to talk to and work with the angels, I started to feel a tingling on my back, the lower part of my left shoulder blade to be exact. It's hard to describe. It's not like pins and needles, it's not like tickles, it's not like an itch (though I do at times feel the need to scratch at it). It's a bit like the sensation you get from a massage machine, only really gentle. That's the best and only way I can describe it. Like a gentle massage machine.

At first, it felt strange.

Then, when it didn't stop, I have to be honest, it got a bit annoying. Can you imagine a constant tingling on your back?

And then, when I asked the angels to calm it down a notch (or five!), and they kindly gave me a break from the constant tingling, I felt deserted and wanted it to come back.

Those poor angels! They must have great patience with me at times!

You see, for me, the tingling signified that the angels were nearby and supporting me. And, as annoying as a constant tingle can be on the skin, that felt really comforting. So when I'd had enough of the sensation and asked for a break and the angels obliged, I felt abandoned and lost. Which makes absolutely no sense but that's how the human mind can work sometimes... go figure.

Anyway... we now have an agreement and an understanding. The tingling is no longer constant (the only respite I got at the start was when I was sleeping and could no longer feel it). When I think of the angels, when I talk to them, when I ask them to be close, the tingling starts. Sometimes it's gentle and very subtle, sometimes it's a bit stronger.

At the moment, for example, as I write this blogpost, the tingling is coming in waves. It's not constant but I know it's there and when I feel it I gain comfort in the knowledge that the angels are nearby and looking over my shoulder, possibly reading this very blogpost that I'm writing.

Tingling is my thing. It's how my human mind knows I'm connected with the angels. But my thing, my tingling, may not and will not be right for anyone else. Everyone has their own special way of connecting with the angels and feeling their presence.

So that got me thinking.

Why a tingling sensation on my back?

Why did the angels choose to comfort me and reassure me of their presence in that way?

And the answer took me back to childhood.

When I was young (and I have to admit, I feel the same to this day) there was nothing more relaxing and comforting for me than a back tickle. My sister used to be the best back tickler you could imagine. She'd run her fingers up and down my back, lightly and gently, with enough pressure so it didn't tickle me and make me all giggly but, rather, made me feel comforted and relaxed. And often I would easily fall asleep while she did it.

And a back tickle still has the same effect on me today (my husband has now kindly taken over the mantle). It makes me forget about everything around me and deeply relaxes me. There's no sensation more comforting.

And that's why I believe the angels have used a form of tingling to reassure me that they're with me. It's not exactly the same sensation I get from a back tickle but that's a good thing because if it was I'd be so relaxed, I'd get nothing done during the day. But it's a sensation I can relate to and a sensation that I associate with comfort and safety.

I wonder... do you have a sensation that reassures you that the angels are close by?

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx