a special message


Hey lovely soul...

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Recently I gave a one-to-one, in-person reading to a young lady who received some very special guidance.

She had not booked a reading with me, it just so happened that the angels ensured our paths would cross.

She was related to a lady I was booked to give a reading to. The lady was being picked up after the reading by her mother and on this occasion, this single occasion, the young lady decided last minute to jump in the car, also, to go along for the ride.

After I had finished the reading I was booked to give, the lady I had just read for asked if I might have time for a quick reading with the young lady who was in the car. And I was more than happy.

I was aware of this lady's relationship with my client, her background and the tragic events that had unfolded almost a year ago, to the day. But at the time of the reading I did not realise that this was the lady I was reading for... until some very special messages came through the cards and I started to join the dots.

Like every reading I asked the lady to compose some questions related to any area of her life. Whilst she was quite guarded when she received the messages of guidance and didn't feel able to open up (all she felt comfortable saying was "yes" when I asked if the message meant something to her), I could feel and sense that the messages were helping her, even helping to start the healing process I could tell she needed to begin.

One poignant message that came up was "heal the past": make peace with what has happened and move forward with your life. You cannot keep living in the past. It was with this message that I began to join the dots and could tell that this message was significant for her and one she needed to receive.

But it was a later message that really touched my heart. A message so special that it moved me deeply.

The lady had asked for advice about parenting her two very young children. She was a single Mum, widowed by the sudden and tragic death of her partner a year earlier, a couple of months before the birth of their second child.

She was unsure how well she was doing, if she was doing a good job.

The card the angels drew for her was "messages from spirit" and when I asked her what stood out for her on the card she felt drawn to the two envelopes. Envelopes symbolise communication and because there were two in the picture, one addressed to the receiver and one showing the back from the sender, it signified the importance of two-way communication.

The beautiful interpretation from this card for her was that when she's unsure about parenting, when she wants guidance and direction, she needs only ask her partner, the father of her children, who has since crossed over and then listen to her heart. Through the angel cards he made it clear that he is still with her, still around her and will always be so. She may not be able to see him with her eyes but he wanted her to know that he is and always will be there to support her in the raising of their children.

Such a beautiful message. I felt so honoured that her partner trusted me to deliver it to her and so grateful that the angels had made our paths cross that evening.

Up until this reading, I have loved passing on the beautiful, supportive guidance and messages from the angels. I have loved being able to help people find their way round obstacles through the angels' guidance.

But this reading brought something even more special. The message was so beautiful and so special and so needed. And I believe, through it, this beautiful lady and wonderful mother can begin her journey of healing and will realise that she will never be alone in the raising of her children.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx