trusting fully, letting go


Hey lovely soul...

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I have written previously about our little princess bunny, Forrest, and her health challenges, especially how she would frequently go into GI Stasis (that's when a bunny stops eating). Through that previous blogpost I revealed how I had struggled to fully trust in the angels and step away from the situation, allowing them to do their work and heal Forrest.

But the more I learned to step away, the more I was removing myself from the situation, and the better it was for Forrest. Where I initially felt I needed to be present to lend her my support, I realised that that wasn't actually helping her. Rather it was pulling her further under. Not only that but it was inhibiting Archangel Raphael from doing his work and healing Forrest.

Archangel Raphael was incredibly patient with me during these times. He knew and understood how difficult it was for me to take a step back and even though he knew that doing so would help Forrest's situation infinitely, he patiently waited until I slowly took this lesson onboard and gradually began to trust him more and more.

Recently, Forrest went in GI Stasis again. Although Archangel Raphael steps in each and every time I ask for his help and heals Forrest, it doesn't mean that she has since stopped going into GI Stasis. It does, however, mean that I can turn to Archangel Raphael for help and trust that he will step in for the highest good of Forrest.

Our most recent experience, that I am talking about here in this blogpost, taught me such an important lesson. A lesson in trusting fully and letting go.

It was 3:00pm and time for the bunnies to enjoy a treat. As usual I headed over to the treat bag and, as soon as Bobo heard the noise of the bag, he came flying out with excitement from underneath the couch. But Forrest, unusually, wasn't by his side.

After I gave Bobo his treat, I checked Forrest who was still lying under the couch, their favourite place to sleep.

He ears were cold (first sign that she's not feeling well), I petted her and she moved away from me (second sign she wasn't feeling well), and I placed my hand in front of her for a lick and she turned her back on me (my final sign that she wasn't feeling well).

My heart sank.

I knew immediately that Forrest was going into GI Stasis. As a final check I offered her a variety of her favourite treats and she refused each and every one of them.

Immediately I asked Archangel Raphael to step forward and heal Forrest. I then placed my hands on either side of her little body, not quite touching it, and asked the angels to send healing energy into Forrest through my hands.

And then I walked away.

I sent an email to my husband to come home directly after work as I know that the faster you can start force-feeding a bunny in Stasis, the faster you can reverse a condition which, if ignored or not spotted, can turn fatal.

Previously I have learned to walk away from the situation, into another room so I completely remove my energy, and trust that Archangel Raphael would do what he does best and heal Forrest. But this time I stayed in the room as I had quite a bit of work to do.

So I sat down behind my computer and got back to my work.

I got so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice the time go by. And, so, I didn't check on Forrest every hour or so, as I usually would have done. When I did realise the time it was after 5:00pm. I hadn't checked on Forrest for over 2 hours.

However, rather than panicking that I'd left her alone for that length of time, I actually felt quite calm.

I peered under the couch and it looked like Forrest hadn't moved.

I touched her ears and they still felt cold.

I placed my hand on front of her in the vain hope of her licking me and... she gave me a couple of licks before moving away.

I was shocked!

When Forrest is ill and in Stasis, she will not lick me, she does not like cuddles and turns in on herself wanting to be left completely alone. So when I say she licked me, I can't emphasise enough what an unexpected (and pleasant) shock that was.

Filled with hope I offered her a treat, but she refused it.

So I tried another treat, but she refused that too.

Was her licking me just an accident?

I decided to try one final treat, some parsley and... she ate it! I tried another piece of parsley and she ate that too!

I gave her some hay and she ate that.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Forrest's Stasis had been reversed without mine or my husband's intervention and without the need to force-feed her. That is unheard of. When a bunny goes into GI Stasis the only way to save their life is to force-feed then as quickly as possible and to keep force-feeding them every 2 hours until they eventually being to eat on their own. A bunny that is left untreated will die. And once in Stasis, a bunny cannot reverse the condition without help.

So to have Forrest go into Stasis and then 2 hours later start eating was nothing short of a miracle. And I knew exactly who had performed that miracle. It was Archangel Raphael. And what's more, he was able to do his job unhindered by me in anyway. I had asked for his help and I left him alone, trusting fully that he would do what was best for Forrest. And this time I truly let go.

This time it wasn't a case of removing my energy and going to another room where, quite honestly, I was still worrying about Forrest. This time I stayed in the room but fully and completely let go of the situation by returning to and becoming engrossed in my work; effectively directing my energy and attention to something completely different.

And this time, for the very first time, Forrest's Stasis was reversed.

It's something I still marvel at. And truly it's been the best lesson I could ever have learned: when you ask the angels for help, when you ask them to intervene in a situation, you then need to step aside, trust in them fully, and let go, emotionally and energetically.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx