attuning to archangel michael


Hey lovely soul...

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I work with Archangel Michael regularly and recommend him to many of my clients who would benefit from cutting cords with people, places, situations and events that are holding them back or continuing to pull them under. I also call upon him for courage when I'm stepping forward or about to enter a place or situation where I feel a little overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

Some time ago, during a guided meditation, Archangel Michael was invited in to cut cords for me. It was during that meditation that I met, for the first time, the strong, valiant, yet loving giant that Archangel Michael is. More recently I have been attuning with the archangels and with each attunement I have the opportunity to meet and experience that archangel's energy and get to see how they choose to present themselves to me.

Angels and archangels will present themselves differently to everyone. To some people, they feel the energy of the angels, for others they see them in a human-like form, for others they see colours, and for others, still, they experience a mighty winged presence. The angels and archangels will also present themselves to us in a way that connects personally to us and in a way that feels comfortable and inviting.

For me, to date, I see angels and archangels take on a human-like form. And, during an attunement, should they touch an area of my body, I feel their energy radiate through me.

Recently I have been connecting to the Archangels through attunements so that our relationship, our synergy, our energy can become stronger and, so, I can better pass on the messages they may have to my clients.

During a recent attunement with Archangel Michael, like the first time, he appeared to me as a very tall yet gentle giant, clad in armour. Where my first experience of Archangel Michael was one where he was the height of a 5-storey building (at least), this time I felt as though, when I stood next to his foot, my height reached close to his knee. When I looked at his sword it glistened brightly and I got the impression it was very heavy and mighty.

As I stood there he bent down and gently lifted me into the palm of his hand and placed me on his left shoulder. He then began to walk forward and with each stride, covered acres of ground.

The message I received from this experience was that when we invite Archangel Michael into our lives, you can see things from a higher perspective. And when you can see from that perspective you can see much more and, also, have the ability to see a lot further.

Also when we invite Archangel Michael into our lives, we can take great strides forward and cover a lot of ground safely, easily and quickly.

Archangel Michael is a great archangel to connect with and to work with in your daily life. Not only is he the leader of all other angels, he is a great protector who can help us release connections to people, places, events and situations that no longer serve us and which can be hindering our progress by holding us back or pulling us under. When you need courage, strength and conviction, call upon Archangel Michael. No task is too big or too small for him - he is always happy to step in and help. And with Archangel Michael's help and support you can raise yourself up to see a higher perspective and see situations and challenges from a higher viewpoint and with wider clarity.

With love and angel sparkles, Viv xx